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Tottenham fans left angered by Daniel Levy’s latest decision

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham Hotspur supporters are expressing their dismay following the club’s decision to raise ticket prices for the upcoming 2024/25 season.

The Lilywhites have announced a 6% increase in season ticket prices, prompting outrage from fans who feel burdened by the additional expense.

Adding to the frustration, Tottenham have also revealed plans to gradually reduce the discount for senior season tickets over the next five years, resulting in a 25% rise in prices for older fans by the 2029/30 season.

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST) has condemned the move, highlighting the financial strain it places on loyal fans, especially considering the challenging global economic climate.

They put out a statement, saying:

“Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust is dismayed by the Club’s plans to increase Season Tickets by six per cent.”

“We oppose any Season Ticket increase and the removal or reduction of Senior concessions, both of which are also opposed by the Fan Advisory Board.”

“THST Board members met with the club on February 21 when we were presented with the Season Ticket proposals for the first time. During this meeting, we disagreed on several areas and as a result of our input, changes were made.”

“We do, however, remain hugely disappointed to see Season Tickets increase by six per cent.”

“Discounts for senior Season Ticket and matchday tickets remain unchanged for 2024/25 but lead to the complete removal of new Senior concessions from 2025/26 – this is unacceptable. The Club does say new senior Season Ticket holders who are turning 65 for next season will receive the current 50 per cent discount if they are in a concession area, but this will be of little comfort to those supporters impacted by these changes from 2025/26.”

“The discount for senior Season Tickets will also be reduced by five per cent each season for the next five years meaning that, from 2029/30, Senior Season Tickets will cost senior supporters 25 per cent more than today. This increase cannot be justified.”

In response to concerns raised by supporters, Spurs defended their decision, citing a minimal 1.5% increase in ticket prices over the past five years. However, many fans argue that this rationale overlooks the broader economic challenges faced by supporters, including rising living costs.

Given Tottenham’s financial stability and success as a club, fans are calling on the management to reconsider the price hike and prioritize the accessibility of matches for all supporters.

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