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Spurs facing possible ‘transfer ban’ or even ‘relegation’ as FA confirm they are looking into serious allegations

By Mehdi Gokal -

The FA has confirmed that it is now looking into allegations of serious breaches by Tottenham in a transfer involving Jermain Defoe.

It was reported yesterday that the governing body could review the allegations regarding breach of agent rules involving Defoe’s transfer to Portsmouth back in 2008.

It claimed that agent Mitchell Thomas, a central figure in orchestrating the £7.5m transfer, might not have held the necessary license to operate as an agent during the deal.

Though the FA did not take any action at the time, recent developments have thrust the matter back into the spotlight.

According to The Sun’s Ian Tuckey, the current inquiry signifies a serious probe, indicating possible severe penalties for the clubs, players, and agents involved.

As per Tuckey, the repercussions could range from transfer bans, points deductions, or even relegation for the clubs, while individuals implicated could face warnings, fines, or bans.

He reported:

“Clubs could be hit with a transfer ban, points deduction or even RELEGATION, while agents and players could be hit with anything from a warning to a fine or ban.”

And as per The Times, the FA have now confirmed that they are now looking into the allegations which is not good news for Tottenham.

They have recently started taking action against transfer related breaches with Everton being the latest club to be handed a 10 point deduction for violating FFP rules.

And this is not the first of its kind incident. Luton Town were docked 10 points in 2007 due to agent payment breaches, while in 2017, Leeds United’s owner was handed a one-year ban and a fine for breaching agent rules.

Both Tottenham and Portsmouth have refrained from commenting on the issue, which underscores the severity and sensitivity of the situation.

TBH Says:

The looming possibility of severe sanctions could prove to be a huge set back for Spurs after they have made such great strides since the summer.

One has to wonder how is it that Manchester City despite being charged for over 100 FFP breaches have no action taken against them but we are being investigated for something that happened almost 15 years ago.

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