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Tottenham denies Extra Tickets for Portsmouth at FA Cup

By Harry Hotspur -

Tottenham declines Portsmouth’s “request” ahead of the FA Cup

The recent headlines suggest that Tottenham Hotspur have “politely declined” their neighbours, Portsmouth as they were asking for some new tickets for the FA Cup third-round match. According to recent updates, Spur welcomed “one side” of Tottenham. It was seen that both parties have great zeal for selling the tickets. In circumstances as such this, Portsmouth asked for a generous number of tickets for the sake of their traveling fans.

Possible Reasons for the Denial

There has been a massive sale of around 8, 880 tickets due to Pompey’s Emirates FA Cup third-round tie in the new year. Later, in the year, the club contacted Tottenham Hotspur to ask whether there is a possibility of an extra allocation. But, it led to the answer of denial. It was seen that there was a positive boost when the tickets were being sold. The Tottenham fans are very inquisitive and excited for their return to “club football”, with consecutive Premier League matches against Aston Villa on New Year’s Day and the North London Derby against Arsenal. Similarly, there was a visible spike in sports betting activities as seen on popular betting sites such as betting.co.uk, especially the ones that used legitimate and credible payment tools such as PayPal for transactions.

The Portsmouth matches have certain drawbacks, the main one being transportation, amidst rail strikes, and the RMT union calling industrial action. This in turn has negative implications for the railway transport of the country. This also affects parts of Greater Anglia and London Overground. It is informed that London Overground services will not be disrupted along White Hart Lane. The Underground services however remain unaffected by the industrial havoc, and the Victoria Line is said to be controlling the main traffic, with the responsibility of operating every three minutes.

Portsmouth manager takes by Storm as he Sends Message to Tottenham

Danny Cowley, the team manager of Portsmouth has taken a great initiative by sending quite a sober message to Tottenham Hotspur very respectfully after the team turned down requests for more tickets for the FA Cup Tie in between the two teams.

Pompey will be having a clash with the Spurs at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the “afternoon kick-off”. Chelsea got paired up with Manchester City, and Manchester United with Everton.

It is seen that the League One side is struggling quite hard to make a comeback in the Premier League since the 2009-10 season.

The team and their manager feel that a mismatch between the two teams can be seen on paper. Therefore, it is widely speculated that empty stadium seats are available. Hence, asking for more tickets from Portsmouth showed relevance.

Cowley wrote on the official website that it is indeed great that they have “brilliant support there”. They had tried quite hard to get hold of the tickets, but they were sold out. Cowley also said that it seems that the stadium would be beaming with the audience, and a fantastic atmosphere will be there, without any shortage of “noise”.

The message of the Spurs’ was indeed very respectful, and this keeps the competitive and friendly spirit of football alive. The League One Club’s response is well appreciated among fans since it boosts the positive influence without inciting any needless irritation.


It is often speculated that the sense of denial among any of the two teams might be the cause of some disputes. The fans might often turn their backs on each other. But both the teams showed a very friendly appeal, and an exciting match can be hoped for on peaceful grounds.

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