Date: 7th October 2018 at 11:06am
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Pochettino revealed himself to be somewhat out of the loop after yesterday’s clash against Cardiff telling PA SPORT:

“I was a little bit surprised that it was empty. But I understand that this is difficult – we cannot ask for more from our fans. Of course, it was a difficult day with the weather and everything and it’s not easy.”

It wasn’t the weather my old son. People are fed up with Wembley because it’s a horrible experience. It always has been and always will be.

THFC had already agreed with Wembley to withdraw the availability of the upper tiers in advance of selling tickets to non season ticket holders.

So it was never going to be packed, even if our entire global support simultaneously lost their minds and decided to partake.

This fan on Spurs Community summed up the mood well:

Be prepared to be more shocked then over the coming weeks/months while we’re still at Wembley.

I was there today, but before during and after the game I’m afraid to say I was asking myself why the hell I was there in the p____g rain with a hangover.

I’m just done with Wembley now, apart from the CL games. Going to keep any further refunds I get against next seasons ST.

Fed up with the ball ache of getting there, the even worse ball ache of getting back, the soulless bowl that is the stadium, the s__t PA system, the roof leaking and dripping over me, the thick muppets serving the overpriced food and drink and the foreign tourists unable to queue for anything without pushing in and spending their whole time in their pack-a-macs with their selfie sticks and bloody video cameras.

The football was as equally torturous.

Cardiff City aren’t of the required quality to play in the Premier League.

Unless something seismic happens to somebody else, these footballing illiterates are going straight back down again next summer.

Harry Winks was MOTM by a some distance.

Lucas Moura went home to watch himself put two past Manchester United on video for the 25th night in a row.

There’s some ITK brewing about Poch which isn’t what anybody wants to hear.

Unbelievably, he appears to have been left unimpressed with the fact that Spurs were the only club in any of Europe’s top 5 leagues not to have bought anyone in the summer transfer window.