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Time for Tottenham to finally back the manager

By The Boy -

Tottenham’s campaign this season so far has seen the club going from being the ‘envy of the division’ category to the ‘ah bless’ category, in a matter of just a few weeks. What has happened to Angelos Postecoglou in such a short space of time, must understandably have the poor Aussie’s head spinning.

Trying to second guess who Tottenham might do this season was always going to be a challenge, one in which even the best soccer sportsbook guidance was always going to be needed, however, the recent flurry of injuries and suspensions has tested everyone’s patience to the absolute limit.

Spurs’ form, up until things went so desperately wrong, was rather exceptional. This isn’t opinion, Postecoglou won back-to-back Manager Of The Month awards, and say this in hushed tones, but even hard=nosed fans were expressing something called ‘delight’ at results.

Against all odds, Daniel Levy managed to hire a guy who didn’t require much of a budget, and who was demonstrating that his quasi-5-a-side on a full-size pitch could work in the top tier of English football. This truly was a feat worth dwelling upon.

It was well documented in the press that at least three other high-profile coaches had been approached, which was entirely understandable but only serves to underline just how miraculous the initial successes were. What ‘Big Ange’ has implemented at Spurs has to be applauded, purely on the back of results, and on the strength of our displays, simply because for all the talk of the supposed shackles being off under Ryan Mason, it was all anti-Serial Winner hokum.

The reason Tottenham failed under the previous two coaches was that they had so many terrible players on their books! What Postecoglou did was introduce not just fresh blood to perpetuate churn, but also refuse to indulge deadbeats like Eric Dier anymore.

Under Big Ange, one gets the distinct feeling that things are so close to taking a direct turn for the better, but will ENIC make a compelling effort to seize the opportunity?

Winter windows are routinely branded as lesser opportunities, but for those of us familiar with the Deloitte Money League and the club’s track record in all windows over the last few decades, the excuses are wearing rather thin. Shamefully, what ENIC has injected into this fan base is a willingness to embrace mediocrity, stupidity, and second and even third-best.

Endless cries to back the manager have never been so pertinent, as it is clear that this coach knows his onions. Spurs ought not to think ‘we’re not in Europe’, rather now is the time to prepare for Europe.










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