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Ticketing Chaos At Tottenham

By The Boy -

Home sweet homily. 

The good news is that buying tickets from THFC hasn’t changed much over the years.

It is said that if one stares at the loading wheel donut of death long enough, then a transcendental plain can be reached that can only otherwise be achieved by swimming embalming fluid.

Season ticket holders are still waiting for their season ticket packs.

Late last month the club issued the following email: The despatch process will begin shortly and will continue from late August and through September. When your pack is despatched, you will receive an individual email, along with a unique tracking number that will allow you to trace your pack whilst in transit via our PackTrack service.

A source close to the club told the Harry Hotspur blog that the packs were all delivered some some considerable time ago, but THFC are sitting on them. Why? Because the pack has ‘welcome home’ plastered all over it.

The club’s extended homelessness was therefore deemed not to be a good fit.

As tickets for future games are offered for sale, Client Reference Numbers are also bemoaning a £1.75 booking fee, per ticket. Which rather brilliantly applies even if you are buying two tickets in the one transaction.

To extend the avarice logic almost indefinitely, if you bought say 50 seats, you’d get hit with a nearly £90 worth of admin charges. Except you probably wouldn’t, an algorithm would flag your attempted sale and someone would then call you with a deal on a corporate space – with finger-bowls of snacks included – which would cost you even more.

The only way to dodge the admin monies would have been to sign up to the autopay system, which many didn’t for obvious reasons.

Like one; you wanted to decide when and what you paid for, and two; autopay wasn’t applicable to the Wembley games.




Meanwhile in Gotham…

The social event of the year beckons.

If you want to watch, you must attend.

What goes on in the room stays in the room.

In the name of all that is holy, let’s hope so.



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