Date: 30th January 2019 at 9:05am
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Another sunny day in Punxsutawney.

You want a prediction about the weather? You’re asking the wrong Phil. I’m going to give you a prediction about this winter? It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be dark and it’s going to last you for the rest of your lives!

His Master’s Voice. Ouch…

There appears to be a divide between (again) normal human beings who support Spurs very passionately, and stark raving nutcases who are obsessed with championing the glacial movements of an Investment Company.

Which camp are you in? Well, here’s a quick test. When you go into work of a Monday and your co-worker asks you how Spurs got on, do you reply:

A: Squeezed a one nil against Watford mate, happy enough with that.

B: The last quarter ROI was favourably comparable to provisional forecasts; this was aided by non-football partnerships bearing fruit in overseas markets. Overall the medium term growth expectations are generally positive in a challenging environment.