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‘This is the new Mickey Mouse Club’ Former Spur Lets Rip

By The Boy -

Watching Spurs today was as joyless as it has been all season. Sure the Harry Kane free kick was exceptional, but then the Tottenham and England captain paid for that after the game, giving a tough interview on the pitch in front of a heavily depleted stadium, as most fans had clearly stormed out after the third goal went in.

Daniel Levy received the now-usual round (or six) of dissatisfied chants, and the moment Mrs. Levy comforted her husband was caught on film by the broadcasters. It actually made for uncomfortable viewing, what could have been a touching moment only served to remind everyone that the disconnect between the fans and the club is nothing compared to the reality gap between the club and its board of directors.

Former Spur Ramon Vega has criticised the club previously, but this is another level and part of the overall heat being turned up on a club that has become distracted from football by selling go-cart rides, signed match-worn shirts, and pop concert tickets. The last home game of the season shouldn’t end in this sort of chaos. It’s supposed to be a time for unity and a modest celebration of identity. The fans that left early will be staying angry for some time, as they’ve been short-changed and made to look daft.

Daniel Levy has some soul-searching to do. The club has been on the slide since before Mauricio Pochettino left and if the unthinkable happens, and Kane was to be tempted to bail, then mid-table mediocrity is pretty much assured.



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