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This Contract Showdown Will Tell Us Everything We Need To Know
By Harry Hotspur -

A killer interview with Christian Eriksen has surfaced via Dutch outlet Extra Bladet.

I should warn you that a number of headlines are misleading – Erkisen has not stated he is 100% leaving Tottenham.

This interview is of course doing the rounds at some pace, however I have plucked the one line worth dwelling upon.

There are not many points that Tottenham cannot meet.

Christian Eriksen

For those of you struggling as to what these ‘points’ might be, I’ll give you a clue. They all have the Queen’s head on them.

Forgive my lack of interest in what those who wish to berate the Dane have to say – these are the same Einsteins that think random numbers in the club’s financials can be grabbed and sprayed liberally in the transfer market.

Eriksen has been flat this season, his Champions League final appearance was dysmal. That doesn’t by default mean he’ll never have a great game again.

Erisken, like Toby and others have been petitioning Levy for market rate, and getting nowehere.

Top flight footballers are – as we have discussed at length – precious little flowers – that without enough love, water and sunshine will wilt.

This is now a very public showdown and the outcome will tell us everything.

How so?

If Eriksen can’t get market rate, then Spurs are offically declaring themselves to be OFFICIALLY wimped out after paying Harry Kane his money.

If Eriksen can’t get market rate, then we are officially pretenders.

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