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This Car Was Snapped In West London Yesterday Afternoon

By The Boy -

My thanks to Matt Sprake at Splash News for this one!

Maybe a potential new owner heading into N17 to discuss ENIC’s exit strategy?


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Richard David Bernard Taylor
Richard David Bernard Taylor
3 years ago

I agree with you, Harry that the ESL is a logical extension of what has been going on since 1992 – just the next step – but, personally I have n’t liked at all most of what has been going on since 1992.

You say it would be great playing the very best every week; I feel you need to have some bread and butter stuff to really appreciate the glamour games, or these glamour games cease to be glamour games! I’m not bored with playing Fulham. It’s not as if we’re much too good to be be playing them is it? Didn’t they draw at our place this season?

I like playing our traditional,familiar historic opponents like Fulham, but, yes, it’s extremely tedious, I would agree, these games in the Europa where you travel to some country like Latvia to play some team you’ve never heard of and that you can usually beat at a canter, at the same time risking your players getting injured.

Of course, it’s the money that entered the game in 1992 that has unbalanced things to such a degree that matches between opponents that should be reasonably competitive are often now a walkover. Also, no meaningful competition in many national leagues now (could one ever have imagined clubs winning the Italian and German leagues nine years in a row) has made those once august competitions predictable and therefore boring, hence a reason for joining some new league where they have champagne and caviar all the time – also boring after a while. You can have too much of a good thing! But it’s the money that entered the game in 1992 that has brought all this about and, in my view, thoroughly spoilt the sport.

Buffalo Soldier
Buffalo Soldier
3 years ago

That’s Ryan’s bonus for winning the Carabao Cup

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