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THFC Redefine ‘Irresponsible’

By The Boy -

In a defiant move, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club have formally announced that they have nothing further to announce.

The club told Sky Sports in no uncertain terms that they were still working out how long their piece of string was, and to-date they had taken a view that it was probably twice the length from one end to its middle.

“We have always said that we would issue updates for test events and official opening as soon as we have confidence in our project managers’ and contractors’ ability to deliver against the revised scheduled of works.

“This remains the case and speculating on unsupported dates such as this is irresponsible.”


Define irresponsible. 

Is irresponsible a reputable industry outlet passing on information in good faith, or is irresponsible blowing the wrong end of a billion pounds on a stadium the football side of the business did not need, and worse yet failing to deliver it on time?

I’m not a construction expert, but I do know that if you demolish one home before you start building another, then you are sofa-surfing until the new place is built. Which is pretty irresponsible.

Another definition of irresponsibility would making a hash of the job, by using jerry-builders who for example didn’t fit a fire alarm circuit correctly.

Unsurprisingly, nowhere in the Oxford English Dictionary is there a definition of responsible that matches the club’s.





Indeed, THFC’s definition is irresponsible of their own invention – which suggests how they really wanted to respond to speculation with two words, the second of which was ‘off’.

It’s remarkable how people who people who get themselves into a pickle – frequently get the ache when reminded of the self-inflicted nature of their plight.

I’d urge everyone to contact THFC on at least daily basis, making a polite request for an update on the fiasco.




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