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THFC Must Spare Us This COVID-19 Bogeyman Nonsense
By Harry Hotspur -

So here’s the very latest clip of the lads back in training and it has to be said everyone is looking very well 👆. But what truly grates here is that we are all being treated like fools.

Is this guy sanitizing the grass? If so, from what? Invisible airborne zombie Coronavirus dinosaurs?
Then we have this guy who has been given the lamentable task of spraying defensive wall targets. Where did these come from? Did they sprout from the Earth’s COVID-19 infused core?
Ah, the case of the naturally occurring infectious goalpost. Nasty business. Hopefully THFC caught it in time.

Please do not deliberately interpret my words as dismissive about the severity of the situation.

I’m currently still shielding. I’ve shared before in this place, that I had sarcoidosis of the lung – and so whilst I’m clear these days – I’m now light on lung capacity, perhaps as much as 25%-30%. I even get my online groceries before most of you!

Not only do I have a dog in this race. I’m a big fan of science, and I’m really allergic to mumbo-jumbo.

Frustrating things, facts.

All training ground kit should have been cleansed in a designated area, by negative tested personnel in advance. So who dragged this stuff out onto the pitches? Were they tested positive?

Question everything.

There was a piece in The Sun yesterday about balls being sprayed with some of this magical sanitizing stuff – and so the balls became too sticky to use. Really? Cobblers.

What’s important in these difficult times is – like out players – to keep one’s eye on the ball.

A controlled environment = safety. That’s not up for discussion. Test, test, and test again. But please don’t waste my time or that of other right-thinking folks with the legitimizing of bogeymen, the legitimizing of pure invention.

If you have been tested negative, and so has your barber, go for it. The sooner the economy starts up again the less debt our great-great-grandchildren will inherit. Just don’t post the results online.

Are these opinions? No dear reader, these are facts.

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