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THFC Drop Another PR Clanger
By Harry Hotspur -

‘Ride Enjoyers’ were handed something else to ignore this morning.

This season would have been the third in row where the club offered fans a discounted multi game package for Champion League games.

However, the initiative has been unceremoniously binned. The two home cup credits that had been included in season tickets have also been pulled.

In short, the benefits in return giving the club funds up front for any multi-match purchases have been steadily diminishing, we all knew that, but now there’s scarcely any meat left on the bone at all.

Moaning about value for money from football clubs is about as useful as noting that one hardly ever sees a bobby on the beat any more.

Yet it seems only a matter of time before the entire ‘season’ ticket system is completely revamped to more accurately describe what it really is – a priority booking system.

The dream scenario for Spurs is what I witnessed at the airport a few weeks ago. A breakfast flight out to Dublin on a Monday morning and the ‘Priority’ lane had 50 people in it. The ‘Non Priority’ one had a queue of about 6 people – who spent the entirety of their wait telling arriving punters that the signs hadn’t been swapped round.

I’ve made this point before, but what the heck. I think there are smarter ways to make money at Tottenham than raising ticket prices until fan’s eyes bleed.

Beaming 3 pm games into homes of people who absolutely cannot attend in the flesh is achievable. Man faked a moon landing, yet you’re telling me it’s impossible to make bent streams into legit ones?

Shouting ‘yeah, but we gotta pay for the stadium!’ isn’t a coherent answer. It’s just shouting.

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