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“They feel safe” – Harry Kane addresses safety concerns for LGBTQ members at World Cup in Qatar

By Eddie Razo -

The FIFA World Cup will occur later this year in Qatar, out of the typical summer months. However, one of the main issues with the country hosting the tournament is their laws that aren’t LGBTQ-friendly, such as Homosexuality being outlawed. 

With the World Cup bringing people from all parts of the world, it will include members of the LGBTQ, which is causing some concern for some people regarding safety should they choose to travel to Qatar. 

During his news conference with the England national team, Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane wanted to emphasize that he wants those who identify as LGBTQ to feel safe while they’re in the country supporting them. 

“It’s really important that they feel safe,” Kane said. “As a nation we want our fans to really enjoy the tournament as much as hopefully we enjoy the tournament and we want them to feel free to watch the games how they please.”

The FA is evaluating a range of prospects on how the team could take a stance, but Kane said the squad has yet to decide on their action. Furthermore, Sportsmail reports that The Three Lions will take some stand ahead of the competition.

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at large
at large
10 months ago

I’ve been to Doha. Besides the restrictions on where you can drink it’s pretty much like every sandpit in the middle of nowhere. The old souk sells live animals and across the street the new souk has a Haagen Dazs. Lot of glass and steel and nearly everyone drives an escalade. It would suck to live there if you’re not a straight guy like most places in the world, but I really doubt anything will happen if visiting for a few days.

10 months ago

If you are LGBTQ then you’d be mad to go anywhere near the place, both on moral and on safety grounds.

Most corrupt FIFA decision in a long line of corrupt FIFA decisions.

Limerick AL
Limerick AL
10 months ago

Ssshhhhh Don’t mention The War.

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