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“They are good enough” if true then who is to blame for Tottenham impotence?

By Bruce Grove -

Tottenham has struggled for form in front of goal in their recent games, and it is only natural that the potency of their attacking players has been questioned.

They had no shot on target against Bournemouth in their last game. The Cherries are a team that is battling with relegation and almost everyone has beaten them recently.

Spurs’ win over Everton was also as a result of an own goal by Michael Keane.

With the likes of Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min on the team, it is inexcusable that Spurs aren’t scoring the goals that they need for their European football target.

However, Jose Mourinho doesn’t think that his attacking players are the problem, and he has hinted that he won’t be signing any new attackers.

“Our attacking players are very good,” he said as quoted by Football.London.

“We cannot get better players than what we have. One thing is not scoring goals and the other is that the players are not good enough.

“They are good enough. I don’t want to replace my players.”

Mourinho has been known as a defensive manager in the past and when he was named as Spurs’ new coach, there were fears that he would not continue their free-flowing attacking football.

Well, it looks like those fears have been realised but the bigger question for me is this, if Mourinho thinks the attackers are good enough, which I agree they are, then who is responsible for the impotence in front of goal?

Maybe the self-proclaimed “special one” should take a closer look at home for the answer to that question.

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3 years ago

Everyone is to blame. Levy for ‘everything’, the medical/science team for injuring all the players all the time (and some more regularly than that), Jose for not getting a tune out of the players anymore and being more miserable than my grandad and the players for not playing. Even with defensive tactics, good players should be able to put a decent cross in, pass forward, make space and shoot.

East Stand
East Stand
3 years ago
Reply to  James McKevitt

Jose has alway had a lot to say for himself, back in the old days when he had jobs at clubs with the biggest budgets it was seen as ‘winning arrogance’.

At Utd he was outspent by Citeh and the style of winning football changed to high press, then he just came across as slightly bitter.

Now he just comes across as a manager who’s come to the end of the road. No new ideas, only a wealth of experience as football was played with lots of money 15 years ago.

I respect what he has done in the game, to not do that is blinkered. However, thinking he’s not had his best days is also blinkered.

Life isn’t black or white, it’s complex and the only thing you have to go on is evidence and facts in the present. He’s not the answer at Spurs, nobody can be under Levy, but he’s not going to work any better under the con men than Poch did, so why sack Poch in the first place?

Anyway, Jose will be gone soon enough…

3 years ago
Reply to  James McKevitt

They say “love can turn you into a fool” so can hate

James McKevitt
James McKevitt
3 years ago

He said a lot of things.
He said he’d have Spurs challenging for the title next season. If you don’t get the ball to your forwards and those forwards come back into midfield to pick up their own ball you might have problems.

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