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“There’s a sit-com just waiting to be written with the key character based on Levy” These Fans React To Latest Transfer Fail
By Harry Hotspur -

Yet another classic tale from the Master Angler’s “The One That Got Away” file for Tottenham fans. According to Sport via The Daily Mail Daniel Levy managed to fail to sign another star that could have made our first-team squad a better outfit that it is.

We’ve been through this is so many times, have we not? Or do Spurs fans simply obsess more than supporters of other clubs?

The sketch suggested by Sport is that Giovanni Lo Celso’s deal was looking touch and go, and Lisbon’s asking price for Bruno Fernandes was prohibitive.

The claim made is that Philippe Coutinho was left “outraged” by the fact that Spurs’ supremo had all but shaken hands and the financial goalposts were suddenly moved.

In fairness to Mr. Levy, “all but” doesn’t count for nichts.

That said, how much was saved by NOT signing the boy? And what advantage was achieved by failing to get that deal over the line for the team? I guess we will never know, eh?

At least we #DidntDoALeeds.

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7 responses to ““There’s a sit-com just waiting to be written with the key character based on Levy” These Fans React To Latest Transfer Fail”

  1. Legoverlassarisen says:

    We were reputedly after Bruno Fernandes for months with even the player saying he wanted to come. In typical Levy fashion we end up with a Fernandes but the Poundland option. The result of yet another master stroke by Levy being that the genuine Fernandes ends up at one of our major competitors for a CL spot and instantly impacts on the teams performance pushing them above us in the chase for a top four spot whilst the Levy cheaper option adds next to no value to the squad making no impact and we slither down the table. Levy is s complete joke and so are ENIC.

  2. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Scrooge bites his nose off yet again. Could be a blessing though coutinho hasnt been quite the same player since he left the scouse. Bruno fernandes was a joke as well. He wanted to pay in yearly installments, and unheard of add ons making it up to his transfer value. Silly add ons that no club uses like 20 million ‘if we win the league’.. Grealish has to be the worst loss though. We could of had him for 6mil. Levy tried bullying for 4mil. They then had takeover and villas new owners told him where to go. Jack has to be worth 80-100 odd mil now…

  3. DannyG says:

    That transfer was never going to work. I remember the figure for a 1 year loan deal at £27m! That’s crazy money and he’s not worth it.

    Doesn’t change the fact this is still classic Levy. He should have just stayed out of it. In the end this behaviour will cost us big time.

  4. Marbella Spur says:

    It is amazing to me that the Levyologists still cannot see the wood from the trees. Not only has his penny pinching cost us a fortune by failing to get deals over the table by haggling and moving the goalposts at the last moment, but it has also meant that we havealways signed the cheap option. The result has been that we have one trophy after twenty years of our beloved chairman’s reign. When we can we see the back of this poisonous charlatan, and how much longer will Enic take to realise that in order to achieve success on the pitch, the chairman should be sacked. Well run financial corporations eventually bite the bullet. Have Enic had enough of Levy? The rest of us have.

  5. Billy the yid says:

    Does anyone not believe it? It’s happened so many times that it’s not even news anymore