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“There are whispers” – Transfer Insider claims Spurs are considering 41-year old as Fabio Paratici’s replacement

By Mehdi Gokal -

Former head of club recruitment, Paul Mitchell, could be returning to Tottenham to replace Fabio Paratici, according to Dean Jones.

Paratici recently announced that he was stepping down from his role after FIFA extended his ban globally.

This was due to his 30-month ban from Italian football in January and Juventus’ financial fraud, which occurred when he was the director at the club.

Initially, the ban was limited to activities in Italy, but FIFA extended it globally in March. Paratici was in charge of all recruitments and was also meant to head the managerial hunt for Antonio Conte’s replacement.

Jones suggested that Tottenham would turn to former man, Paul Mitchell, who was in charge of their recruitment for 3.5 years before joining RB Leipzig in 2018.

Jones mentioned that it was still early days and nothing had been confirmed yet.

He also claimed that Pochettino is open to a return at Spurs as well. However, despite  Levy’s earlier keenness on Poch, is it now claimed that he has had a change of heart.

Jones told GiveMeSport:

“Poch maintains a healthy relationship with Levy and is open to a return but there is a feeling recently that the Tottenham chairman is re-evaluating the positives to such a return.

“He’s gone slightly cold on the idea. In the months leading into Conte’s exit that was not so much the case, with sources stating that it would take Fabio Paratici to come up with a “fail-proof” option in order for Levy not to turn back to his former boss.

“It would be wrong to say Poch is totally out of mind though. If Paratici is to leave Tottenham for good then it could give Poch the scope to have a more over-arching control.

“There are whispers too though that 41-year-old Paul Mitchell, who recently announced he is leaving Monaco in his role as Sporting Director, may even come into the thinking at a high level.

“Nothing yet on that front though, these are early days.”

With Julian Nagelsmann likely to replace Graham Potter at Chelsea after his sacking, Pochettino is the most likely option for Spurs.

Brendan Rodgers, who was also sacked on Sunday, is another possible candidate.

Daniel Levy was interested in hiring him to replace Jose Mourinho back in 2021, but Rodgers opted to stay at Leicester, saying that his focus was purely there.

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