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The Story Of Mido & Drogba Fighting At 37,000 Feet
By Joe Fish -

Former Tottenham striker Mido was once embroiled in a fight with Chelsea legend Didier Drogba…on an aeroplane, no less.

This was before the two even had to contend with the tensions of the fierce London rivalry as it happened when they were team-mates at Marseille.

Their coach at the time, Jose Angio, recapped the story to RMC Sport, of how Mido’s prankster ways angered Drogba on the way back from a 2003-04 European match, and the two came to blows to leave the plane shaking.

Angio told RMC Sport (quotes via The Scottish Sun): “There was an altercation between Drogba and Mido on board a plane. We were coming back from a European tie. Mido used to play some bizarre jokes. He played one on the stewardess, and Didier didn’t appreciate it.

“He remonstrated with Mido, and things became very heated between the two of them. We were up in the air, and I can tell you the plane shook! They caused turbulence. They were a couple of heavyweights. Normally they were friends, but at that point, tempers flared between them.”

Drogba was a formidable physical force, as many unfortunate Premier League defenders later found out. And Mido carried some weight too; perhaps sometimes too much. I don’t envy the pilot trying to bring that aircraft back under control.

Mido would leave Marseille for Roma the following season and eventually joined Spurs in 2005, scoring 19 goals in 61 appearances under Martin Jol.

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