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The Spurs Players Face An Ethical Dilemma Today

By The Boy -

I thought I’d kick off on a cheery note, lest we be out of step with the rest of the footballing universe, which waits, breath baited for what they believe is the inevitable ‘head on a spike’ moment. Then we finally see The Portuguese Pulis is removed from office via a tide of negative mental energy from the didn’t wunim here in the first place brigade.

Manchester United indoors it is my friends and like the Forrest Gump chocolate assortment, one never knows what one might get – a 6-1 win, or another dysfunctional performance that raises more questions than it answers.

The players that aren’t on board with José now have an ethical dilemma to contemplate. The penny will have hopefully dropped by now that Harry Kane isn’t joking and if Spurs finish with yet another season of plodding along to no good purpose, then he’s off. They might be prepared to throw José under the bus, but are they as comfortable flicking a lit match into the club’s petrol tank?

I take a view that they won’t mind at all. A last couple of seasons under the next chump, and on the same money? Easy street!

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Get real.
Get real.
3 years ago

Spurs players and ethics?!
This club are a total waste of time, money and emotion. It will never change. Same old story over and over. Only change being that it will simply cost much more money in the new stadium.

3 years ago

Ethical dilemmas, professional sport, big money, property, plot twists, 3 powerbases… all the makings of a great tv series some should make a documentary

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