Date: 8th October 2018 at 9:07am
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Guest blog from our man Finn

This cartoon really does nail it for me; there are a few truths that we are glossing over that the teams around us are not having to, but rather than being honest about the shortcomings and looking at real potential risk, we instead clutch at straws in an attempt to make ourselves feel better.

Our squad is too thin, as a result we are seeing loss of form and/or fitness. We tell ourselves we are up there in the mix, but the truth we are ignoring is that we are there primarily because we are “getting away with it”.

“Getting away with it” is getting across the thin ice, getting to cover before it rains so hard it soaks you, just making the train…… but all of these events are a just the result of poor forward planning and once again, there’s the rub.

It does not take a genius to compare our squad with the squads of those we are competing with, to project fatigue, player age, depth of cover, development of new players, potential for injury etc. and evaluate accordingly.

But Levy tries to “get away with it”, he always tries to “get away with it”: I can even forgive him the stadium, but the deficiencies in the squad and the team – that’s inexcusable.

A squad is not something with a fixed value, it is dynamic: a continual work in progress. All the excuses delivered from the Comforting Lies booth are the result of and consequential to, not consolidating the work of the past few years.

Pretty much anyone on the street will tell you (and at the end of the last window most did) that our failure to strengthen was a gamble, a risk, a blind hope that we would be able to “get away with it”.

Trouble is, we’ve come to rely on “getting away with it” as a strategy – that’s like betting farm each week: as some point reality will bite.

As things stand, we are not a good bet to proceed from the CL group stage and will likely end up in the Ropey.

Given this and the strength of our top 5 opponents we are going to find it very difficult to qualify for the CL next season. We will have a squad badly needing an upgrade and possibly several top level replacements.

Assume that we should have added 2-3 “A grade” players to the squad – we will now be looking at a need to add at least 4 “A Grade” players plus a few high potential squad players. But we pay less that the “A Grade” average wage and we will probably not have CL football on offer.

That’s why there is no queue at the other booth.