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The off-the-pitch controversy that affected Richarlison’s performance and well-being

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham striker Richarlison found himself embroiled in an unexpected off-field controversy involving his former agent, Renato Velasco.

Reports surfaced alleging financial misconduct on Velasco’s part, as he had been entrusted with overseeing the player’s finances.

Brazilian media outlet UOL uncovered accusations suggesting that Velasco had exceeded the allowable percentage of Richarlison’s earnings stipulated by FIFA regulations.

Richarlison threw agent out of his house over betrayal

Typically, agents are entitled to claim between 3% and 10% of athletes’ earnings. However, Velasco allegedly took more than double the permitted amount. This breach of trust deeply affected Richarlison, who perceived it as a betrayal.

Upon learning of the situation, the former Everton forward took swift action by ejecting Velasco from his residence in England. This decision not only led to Velasco’s departure but also resulted in his entire family, who had been residing with him, leaving as well.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Richarlison has turned to former Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes for guidance, fostering a connection established during their time at Watford.

Richarlison had recently revealed that he has been struggling mentally due to being hurt by those close to him, which was seemingly an indication to the betrayal by his agent.

In recent remarks to Sky Sports, Richarlison underscored the importance of mental well-being for athletes, acknowledging the invaluable support he receives from his psychologist. He encouraged his peers to consider therapy, noting its positive impact both on and off the field.

Despite a sluggish start to the current season, the 26-year-old has staged an impressive comeback, netting 9 times in his last 11 appearances in the English top flight. This brings his total tally to 10 league goals for the season.

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