Date: 8th January 2019 at 10:58am
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Tom Woodward says: I haven’t edited a film on my favourite (well, only!) football team before, so I figured with the imminent arrival of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – now would be the perfect time!

Hope you like it! Most of the footage was produced by the very talented film crew at the club, plus I’ve used a few bits and pieces from the fantastic Mr AV and EJG who have together helped shine a light on this fantastic project from start to finish.

If you enjoy, please feel free to share. Come On You Spurs!

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I’m somewhat surprised that you have posted this video considering the amount of criticism, false ridicule that you have aimed at the new ground. Or was it the fact that it has already widely available and you felt you had been left out.
It will be one of the best grounds in the world, the home of the best club in the world if not the most successful and if you can’t understand that then you are not a supporter just a glory hunter.


All our old period features gone. Nothing stays the same I suppose. Ill miss that old place . New beginnings ay.


All our old period features went years ago. What was left was a pile of concrete and plastic. Personally I never got over the replacement of the old Shelf with seats and executive boxes.


Key quotes from Poch’s presser:

“The most important thing is I accepted the challenge when Daniel Levy called me to offer me a contract. He was clear, him and [owner] Joe Lewis, they said to me ‘In the first season at the new stadium we need a team to finish in the top four the season after.’ We are in advance. Sometimes I laugh when people say we need to win a trophy. Yes (we do), but we are in advance.

“I hope, or I wish to be here 20 years, and decide to leave or to finish my career here,” said Pochettino.

“I am so focused here, and want to help the club to achieve what the club want to be in history. It would be fantastic. I am so happy to be here. I am so happy to work in that pressure. Why not?”

“I hope, or wish, to be here 20 years and decide to leave or to finish my career here (like Wenger) But I need to ask him, if one day I get the opportunity, if he is happy in the way he finishes. I don’t believe [he did].”

“It is not my dream to have this type of money (oodles of). Of course it is going to help you, but it is not my dream,”

“People think the only way is money. But at the moment I am happy. Today the club is doing what the club need to do and I am so happy to be here helping the club and is it so clear, the project.

“I can see in the future Tottenham winning trophies, I don’t know with us or without, in one year or in five years, but all the basis and foundation is for one day to start to win.

“The vision for the future is for Tottenham to be one of the most exciting clubs in the world, not only England.”

“After nearly five years the club is at a different level, but how we operate in five years didn’t change,”

“At the moment it is fantastic, but we will see if it is enough to challenge in the next five years,”

“At the moment we operate in the same way as five years ago when we arrived. Maybe we can win some titles but it is going to be a tough job to do because in that situation every club in the last five years was improving a lot.

“I saw a stat that in the last 10 years we were bottom of the spending list in Europe. We are doing a fantastic job but if we want to be real contenders we need to operate in a different way in the future.


There are some already saying ooh well he just added another million to his salary at Manure etc but i honestly don’t see how Poch could go into this level of detail, use phrases like wanting to be here for 20 years etc and then actually leave at the end of this season. He doesn’t strike me as that bloke.

We do get an (even more) codified ‘Brave 2.0’ from him when it comes to not continuing in the same way – spending nowt. Bit you have to ask yourself why his relationship with the Bald one is in such a place that he is saying stuff like this in a presser. Is it just to back up stuff he has said in person? Is he overly respectful of his boss so feels like he can’t say stuff like this to him in person? Or did his original brave speech have so little effect he’s having another crack in a different way??

Sid Trotter
Sid Trotter

Nice film, but it’s not One flew over a cuckoo’s nest is it. The actors had no speaking parts and the plot had very few twists, can’t see it winning the Oscars, and where was Lady Ga Ga?


Nothing about cheese rooms??
Looks like dembele is off to the glue factory in bathroom sink land for 11 mil.
Still think he could help us out for the remainder of the season ,the big war horse has had a nice rest.
Has his bad points but on his day has ruled every midfielder in our league and stomped plenty in Europe.