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‘The bottom line is that this is a game they must win’ Redknapp says Mourinho has to beat Man United and get top four to keep his job

By Bruce Grove -

Harry Redknapp reckons that even winning the Carabao Cup will not help Jose Mourinho to keep his job at Tottenham and says the Special One has to finish inside the top four with Spurs.

Mourinho has come under pressure in recent weeks as his Spurs team continues to stumble in their bid to earn a Champions League place at the end of this season.

Their next opponent in the Premier League is Manchester United whom they face today and Redknapp reckons it is the biggest United –Tottenham clash under Mourinho’s management.

Spurs beat the Red Devils 6-1 in the reverse of this fixture, but their poor form in recent matches makes it hard for their fans to be positive ahead of the latest game.

Mourinho has won trophies around the world and won league titles in different countries.

These experiences should help him get another win over the Red Devils and Redknapp says it better does.

This is because the Spurs’ boss will have no excuse if his team cannot finish this season inside the top four considering the calibre of players that they have. 

‘Jose Mourinho has had a knack of pulling a result out of the bag when the chips are down — and he certainly needs it this afternoon,’ he told the Sun.

‘Tottenham vs Manchester United has always been a massive game and I know some are even calling this one the biggest of Jose’s time at Spurs.

‘I don’t know about that but it’s certainly hugely important because I don’t think anything less than the Champions League will keep Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy happy.

‘Spurs have got to finish in the top four and there can be no excuses if they don’t when you look at that squad. Miss out and it would put real pressure on Jose, for sure.

‘The bottom line is that this is a game they must win and United don’t necessarily have to, which is why I think the advantage is with Tottenham.

‘They may be the ones under the most pressure to get a result but little things like that can have a huge bearing.’

He added: ‘I know they’re in the Carabao Cup final but, even if they won, I don’t think that alone would be enough.’ 

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Limerick AL.
Limerick AL.
3 years ago

Top Four? Please stop the Bullcrap.

East Stand
East Stand
3 years ago
Reply to  mikeyhughes

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat, many ways…

East Stand
East Stand
3 years ago

It’s pretty obvious that top 4 was always the main objective, so even if we win the League Cup and don’t get top 4 Jose might get the boot anyway…

3 years ago

Isn’t it time for Harry’s next bacon sarny? Mind you I enjoyed watching his Spurs team play. Give him credit for that. He may not have had any tactical nuance but by heck did we roll teams over. No hiding behind a cushion trying to watch this lot protect a fragile lead nonsense. I think HR’s tactical talks went something like “murder em lads and don’t let up”.

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