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The ‘Big Club Application Line’ Sketch

By Harry Hotspur -

It’s the gallows humour that invariably holds us together when things go a little Pete Tong, and Spurs we’re never far away from needing some self-effacing wit to helps us get by.

70-plus days without a head coach is quite an achievement in its own right, but when combined with repeatedly rescheduled debt repayments, no stadium sponsors and now the third tier of European football, it’s apparent the wheels are coming off.

New Online Comedian of the Year Finalist 2020 Hasseb Malik nails it here – especially in light of Spurs’ involvement in the European Super League project. How might Tottenham fair if they had to apply to be a ‘big club’? Opposed to just announce that you were one?

Sounds rather silly, but what if your club did actually have to call in and, as the phrase goes, ‘just answer a few simple questions?’

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East Stand
East Stand
1 year ago

Levy has always used the the ‘big club’ perception we have in order to bring in investment to fund the acquisition of capital assets. In very other way he has stood in the way of the perception actually being a reality.

Whenever we have been on the cusp of something good with the team he sells the team off or doesn’t back the project just a bit more, to get it over the line. Some are suggesting that this has been ‘bungling’, I completely disagree. All of it has been deliberate to both restrict spending and also to further perpetuate the ‘jam tomorrow’ mentality that has grown from it.

I and others have been saying it for years, Levy’s expectation management of the fanbase has been key part of his role. To stage manage and manipulate the perception of what the club are about in the present, and ultimately what’s expected of the team

He knows very well, he knows that if we go and win something big that the supporters will want more of the same and ultimately this will bring pressure for more investment and expenditure on the football team. Something that he and ENIC neither have the stomach for or have ever intended to do, at any point.

The success is always in the future with Levy and he has been proven to be an arch manipulator, who treats the fans as if they don’t have two brain cells to rub together. That hat they won’t question any of this endless nonsense.

Well. the jig is up after 22 years and nobody’s interested in either ENIC’s business plan or any more of his bullish*t. He’s got a problem, one he was always going to have after the new stadium was built but he didn’t even consider it before, as buildings and land are his game, and that’s all that has ever mattered in his world view…


Spanky The Wonder Giraffe
Spanky The Wonder Giraffe
1 year ago

Quite literally the only funny part of this shambles.

1 year ago

Oh, so droll, beautifully insulting in a sweet way :-))))

One of the issues you dealt with yesterday, use of AI in filtering out online abuse (in its various forms) is an excellent idea to prevent most of it getting the light of day but its akin to building a wall round a prison, there will be escapees and its those that need to be dealt with.

I’d still be in favour of collecting personal data in the case where AI doesn’t do or can’t do its job.

The Government really need to get cracking on imposing laws upon these social media sites.

It also raises the question of who bears ultimate responsibility; the author (abuser) or the publisher (the website). Bit of a grey area but lets start by financially hammering the social media sites and see what their response is. As you say, they are a money making machine with little morals (remind you of anyone?), largely through straight advertising and “click” ads.

Karl Duncalf
Karl Duncalf
1 year ago


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