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“Terrific” “It’s inevitable our pull is elite” These fans are getting Animated over Breaking Transfer News

By The Boy -

With any luck, this is one potentially very hot transfer deal that Daniel Levy’s All-Night Negotiation Service™ doesn’t manage to blow. Timothy Castagne looks every inch to be the real deal.

Castagne ticks boxes for Daniel Levy. The Belgian defender is out of contract in 2021 and as a result, ought to be affordable, plus the 24-year-old will already have a working relationship with Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen.

Castagne would be the ideal new signing for Spurs because of his versatility. The boy can play as either a full-back on both flanks and further the field, again on both flanks.

According to Football Insider, talks are underway between Tottenhan and Atalanta. TheBoyHotspur‘s sources close to the club are less forthright at this stage, as in they are currently unaware of such developments.

Should there be moves underway, then it is worth remembering that all clubs across Europe in no position to play hard ball because of the economic impact of the global pandemic.

These fans are quite animated and who could blame them?!

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John Greenwood
John Greenwood
4 years ago

Hi Michael,
I agree about our youth system and we are competing against other clubs. But, ours is the best Training Ground in the world and hence should attract very young players.
When I look at young Marcus Edwards who everyone raved about even Poch. He must have been treated better and encouraged to stay and play for us.
Now if the rumour is true we are considering buying him back.!
The trouble is our managers are judged by instant results and hence that is why they buy.
But as I have already stated we have bought rubbish so where does the fault lie.

James McKevitt
James McKevitt
4 years ago

Don’t get your hopes up then. Levy will stick with what he knows.

Michael Jennings
Michael Jennings
4 years ago
Reply to  John Greenwood

We don’t give youth a chance or what we produce isnt good enough. Winks is an exception.

Top Spanish and German clubs bring in players from south america at a young age and put them through an education as well.
We compete with Arsenal and West Ham for local players and it seems there just arent many good ones. And Arsenal seem better ar finding young players at the moment.
Half the players we buy we dont give enough of a chance.
Fred was not that good to begin with at MU but he has achieved his potential.
Ndombele is a very good player from the videos Ive seen when he was at Lyon but he hasnt had a run.. personally I think hes better than Sissoko who cant pass but every manager is too scared to leave him out as he and Aurier are the only ones who fight for the ball

ministers cat
ministers cat
4 years ago

Like consulting the tea leaves I will consult the Serie A table and see what it tells me
p.s. what actual position is the player (says either flank but he can only play on one obvs.)

Right shipmates….Atalanta 4th (good) but GA is 39 -10 more than Inter who are 3rd. The Atalanta GF is ridiculous so they are a very attacking team maybe leaves them a bit exposed so I trust none of that is down to our man.

John Greenwood
John Greenwood
4 years ago

Once again we hear about another new signing that Spurs are after. This guy apparently can play in a variety of positions. Great, but we seem to wanting foreign players that are just not good enough to fit into Mourinho’s system or they are not fit enough for the riggers of the Premier League.
If someone would like to go back over the past five years and see just how many players have been bought by Spurs that just don’t make it or not given a chance,
then maybe we would be saving money by producing our own young players.
Let’s be honest we have a wonderful stadium and probably the finest training facility in
the world so why aren’t we producing players. Something is really wrong at Spurs
And until this is sorted out we are going to go backwards.

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