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Spurs versus Watford in the League Cup at Milton Keynes.

Military planning of  such finesse not witnessed since they found Colonel Gaddafi hiding in an open drain.


Picking the starting side these days is less important than hoping Pochettino picks the correct system.

I simplify matters somewhat in my latest video.




However abandoning the 4-4-2 and including Erik Lamela, is essentially a sound proposition.

The constant fear of course is that Tottenham field a second rate starting XI.

Spurs simply don’t have the depth and now more than ever, an tinkering will only advantage the opposition.


It could be argued that Watford’s form against us is gradually improving, and this might have been influenced by their revolving door policy to transfers.

In the 2017/18 season they shipped in 16 new faces, a number that had halved by the start of the 2018/19 season.






Maurico needs to focus upon the midfield.

Against Watford in the league, the Hornets horribly stifled us.

Spurs (grey line) made almost twice as many backward passes and more than twice as many sideways passes.

Dumb dumbs who champion possession stats will undoubtedly be confused by the graph below.






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