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Tanguy Ndombele to Inter Milan tale is fiction
By Harry Hotspur -

Ed Aarons and Fabrizio Romano have done themselves and what remains of the lesser spotted Guardian readership no favours with a piece declaring that Tottenham are in talks with Inter over the possible transfer Tanguy Ndombele this summer.

After a brief chat with a source close to the club I this morning I was advised that this was not the case, and subsequently, I note that the Press Association’s Jonathan Veal has also given the tale a thumbs down.

Sure there have been issues with the Frenchman, but it is difficult to imagine any circumstances where Daniel Levy would stomach taking such a hefty loss in a transfer as The Guardian suggest.

The report that Spurs were supposedly looking for €50m (£45m) for Ndombele, which in itself is remarkable for a player that’s played only 1000 minutes or so for the club.

I could be tempted to unload a diatribe on you about the mainstream press, but as anyone who had the misfortune to watch any of the Coronavirus updates from Downing St will already know, most of it isn’t worth a tinker’s cuss.

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