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TalkSPORT’s Jamie O’Hara discusses whether FA Cup or top-four finish should be a priority for Spurs

By Eddie Razo -

Tottenham Hotspur remains in the FA Cup and is currently fighting for a top-four spot in the Premier League. The north London hopes to make a deep run to win a domestic trophy while also hoping to clinch a spot in the UEFA Champions League next year.

Nonetheless, on talkSPORT (via HTIC), pundit Jamie O’Hara discussed which of the two objectives should serve as a priority for Tottenham for the remainder of the season. The former Spurs player stated that the north London club should emphasize winning a trophy.

However, when it comes to which of the two goals will be more important, O’Hara states that the north London club, specifically chairman Daniel Levy, would prefer to finish in the top four over winning the FA Cup. 

O’Hara adds that the finances that come with playing in the UEFA Champions League are why Levy would want to see Spurs finish in the top four, even if it means sacrificing the FA Cup should they have to choose between the two. 

“FA Cup. A million percent. Spurs need to win a trophy,” O’Hara said. “If you ask Daniel Levy that, he would say the Champions League. 1 million percent he would say Champions League football because of the business side, finances, but as a fan, we need to win trophies.”

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Urbane Sturgeon
Urbane Sturgeon
11 months ago

Firstly, imagine next summer that the Mighty Spuds are casting about for a couple of top 4 level players in europe, and those players really like the idea of playing for Conte, and are aware of our recent FA cup win, but decide to move to a club in the Champions League because their primary interest is in which competition they’ll be playing in during the coming season, not which competition their team mates succeeded in last season. So the Mighty Spuds end up losing out on a top player (yet again) – perhaps to a top 4 rival – and we end up getting our 2nd or 3rd choice Ropey League level players.

Would you at that point still be appreciating the FA cup win with the same enthusiasm and feel it was ultimately better than reaching the CL?

Then you have your answer.

11 months ago

With Conte having a more settled squad now,there is no reason why we can’t achieve both.The team is buying into Conte’s methods and we are looking brighter on the pitch.The world is our lobster Rodney.

11 months ago

With Nuno still in charge would have been FA Cup win.

With Conte in charge and the carrot of CL football to offer new signings it’s no choice at all – the quality of potential signings would be much better with a top 4 finish and the big man in charge this time.

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