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Swiss Ramble: The Champions League Cash Explained
By Harry Hotspur -
My thanks to @SwissRamble

While fans are recovering from the unprecedented boozing and ill-fated cartwheeling that only reaching a Champions League final can induce, it’s worth shipping in some expertise when it comes to the money side of matters.

After all, THFC currently has more debt than Manchester United, yet nowhere near the quality of revenue streams with which to serve it.

Also, we live an age where banal daftness is frequently sought to be passed off as fact. One blog this morning is actually running with the tale that Levy is going to get £250million for Christian Eriksen, then let Poch spend it all on players.

I guess if you’re 10 year old in a remedial class, then that might fly.

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Following their incredible exploits this week, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur have reached the Champions League final, so we can now update our estimate of how much English clubs will earn from the 2018/19 competition

Due to the significant increase (around 50%) in Champions League revenue in 2018/19, all English clubs will earn much more than prior season (2017/18 comparatives in brackets).

As it stands:LFC €107m (€81m) THFC €102m (€61m) MCFC 93m (€64m) MUFC €93m (€40m).

Liverpool’s Champions League revenue is €107m for reaching the final, up from €81m last season.

Includes: participation €15m, prize money €56m, UEFA coefficient €23m and TV pool €13m. If they win the final, they will earn an additional €4m, bringing their total to €111m.

Champions League revenue is €102m for reaching the final, up from €61m last season.

Includes: participation €15m, prize money €55m, UEFA coefficient €16m and TV pool €16m. If they win the final, they will earn an additional €4m, bringing their total to €106m.

City’s Champions League revenue is €93m for reaching the quarter-finals, up from €64m last season.

United’s Champions League revenue is €93m for reaching the quarter-finals, up from €40m last season.

Includes: participation €15m, prize money €33m, UEFA coefficient €24m and TV pool €21m.

Man United’s revenue has been further boosted by the UEFA coefficient, a new distribution method for 2018/19, based on performances in UEFA tournaments over the past 10 years.

On this basis, English clubs received following payments: MUFC €31m, MCFC €24m, LFC €23m and THFC €16m.

Also worth noting impact of TV pool: (a) half based on position in previous season’s Premier League; (b) half based on current season’s Champions League progress.

So MCFC 1st place in 2017/18 PL explains why they got more than LFC and THFC, even though they progressed further.

It might seem strange that the 2018/19 Champions League revenue for English clubs is relatively even, but this is because of the different elements, eg LFC and THFC have highest prize money, MUFC the highest UEFA coefficient and MCFC the highest TV pool.

Note that these 2018/19 Champions League revenue numbers are only estimates.

Key assumptions: (a) English TV pool increases by 30%, in line with the new BT Sports deal; (b) this has then been split 1/3 TV pool, 2/3 UEFA coefficient, as per total prize money distribution.

However, what is abundantly clear is that the English clubs have really coined it in this season’s Champions League, due to a combination of good progress in the competition and the much higher prize money (plus a good history in Europe in the case of MUFC).

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10 responses to “Swiss Ramble: The Champions League Cash Explained”

  1. Panama Paul says:

    I can just see it before the final, Levy having a conversation with Poch along he lines of “OK Mauricio, that’s 102 million euros in the bag (literally). We’re minted. 100 million to cover expenses and two million for the kitty. Unless you win the final, in which case you’ll get 6 million..Oh, and we’re leaving Christian behind to find his own way to the Bernabau. Saved us the return airfare, so you can add that to the kitty as well.

  2. paul says:

    So the abridged version is that Levy has coined 100 mil from this season’s CL? I say Levy because THFC – the football club – are unlikely to see a farthing of that. Imagine it will be divvied up between debtors and Joe’s duffle bag.

  3. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Wanted to say this, although it’s not surprising with the modern Tottenham ENIC riding “fan”. Why the fuck were Ajax and Spurs fighting? Do these plumbs not know anything about the history? Not even that long ago. Both clubs formed an alliance because of the Jewish connection and the mutual hate for Feyenoord who Spurs had battles with in the 70’s. Ajax would come over to Tottenham matches and vice versa, I used to see a few Ajax in the Park Lane alot of times. Now these oiks are turning on each other. Typical really, real Spurs long gone.

  4. legoverlassreinvented says:

    Here’s the question? If Pooch wins the CL his stock value and his little team of sidekicks will be the highest they will ever be. So if a big club comes in and I mean a club with owners who actually want to win things would that not be the optimum time for Pooch to say “ I am closing this chapter” and moving on.( he has already said that ) How can he top that staying here? That also applies I would think to a number of players? How would it get any better than that by staying at this club with these owners? If we do win the CL it may be a new chapter in more ways than one?Winning may be a double edged sword? If Pooch goes many will follow and many new players will not want to come if he has gone. Levy will have to dig deeper into Uncle Joes wallet than ever before to hold Pooch and our best players and I doubt that will happen. If we lose there may be the argument that we are getting closer to winning and Pooch will still be looking to say he has won something of note? He and players may say perhaps next season we will win and perhaps I should stay as I am managing / playing for a club who got to the CL final and may go a step further and new players may say I want to be at that club with Pooch, a new stadium and playing in CL finals. Ironically winning may be the worst thing that could happen to us ?

  5. Coogy says:

    Levy and ENIC must be the luckiest entities in the world, 100 million made off of no recent investment in the playing staff.
    To be honest it’s pretty fortunate for the club that we have made the final of the CL, it’s quite worry to think about how long it would take to to pay off the debt if we hadn’t.
    We pretty much need to make the final for five years in a row.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      It’s no investment… all our spend has shown a NET profit. Plus operating profit up year on year. Quite simply put , the way Levy/Lewis/ENIC run the club, financially speaking, i could afford it. I have spent more on my asda shop than Joe Lewis has spent on our playing staff this year.

  6. Spurs est1882 says:

    100m is great but only a drop in the ocean with regards to the debt and/or required money just to stand still. Levy will be all too aware of the cost to reward ratio needed and i bet do enough to get top 4 every year and that is all.

    On another note… you recon poch has text Sarri and said “i made champions league
    Final with no transfers… What can you do? “

  7. Supaspud says:

    How the hell is that coefficient a fair thing? The rich get richer and all that

    • Panama Paul says:

      “Fair” is generally down to perspective. Depending on your perspective getting richer is a good and fair thing unless you’re not.