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Substantial Bid In For Right Back
By Harry Hotspur -

Aaron Ban Wissaka’s name has been linked with Spurs and Manchester United for months.

Since then, the only notable change was been a supposed eeking out of the transfer fee from £40million, to £50million.

I say was, as this morning, Sky Sports announced that Manchester United have made “a substantial bid” for Crystal Palace right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka, according to Sky sources.

Unless the rest of the world missed it, Tottenham have not placed a bid, substantial or otherwise for the Palace boy.

Nothing’s over until it’s over, but given the haphazard season Kieran Tripper delivered in 2018/19, this certainly makes Spurs look a bit sluggish – and that’s the kind version.

Is Wissaka worth £50million? This is undoubtedly the element of the equation that sticks in Levy’s craw.

The short answer is ‘probably’. Nice things are not cheap.

After doing as brilliantly as getting to a European Cup final, only a lunatic would take pride in the loss, because it was ‘achieved’ without investment.

By the same logic, Liverpool’s victory would be hollow because they unsportingly reinforced their squad ahead for the last campaign.

A deeply unpleasant element of Spurs want it both ways. To sit in a majestic arena, yet not grubby their hands with the business of authenticity, and actually win trophies.

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