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Steve Perryman Posts A Cold Reply To The Antonio Conte fiasco

By Ron Carne -

Anyone taking another serial winning manager’s exit from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in their stride might be encouraged to think again. Not because they ought to be anti-Levy, but because at some point, common sense needs to kick in, doesn’t it?

Replying to this post on Facebook, the former Spurs captain spoke out.

One of the most reasonable, and measured voices of all time in respect of this club decided to weigh in on the latest managerial mishap, that resulted in another household name being ground down and spat out by Tottenham. For my money, Mr. Tottenham is not having a dig at anyone specifically, he’s just questioning the age-old reasoning attributed to Albert Einstein, who infamously said, that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Certainly, under ENIC there’s a sense of a managerial merry-go-round, but with a side like Tottenham, a Deloitte Darling of a club, that has experienced significant financial growth and has literally elbowed its way amongst the sort of clubs that ENIC apologists had always cited as being unfairly advantaged by dubious finances, they should do better. Much better.

Perryman’s name and views ought to be revered amongst the fanbase. Steve was an extraordinary talent and embodied the best of this club. He won the FA Cup twice, 1980–81, 1981–82 and the League Cup on two occasions.  1970–71, 1972–73, and in Europe, Steve won the UEFA Cup twice, 1971–72, 1983–84.

Now 71 (although ridiculously well-preserved) Steve keeps a conservative profile. That said, accusing the club of always doing what it’s always done, is nothing other than honest and reasoned.

If Daniel Levy is to break the cycle of failure, then it is he who has to change.




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