Date: 8th May 2019 at 11:15pm
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Difficult to imagine quite how high the players must be after such emotional night.

Lucas Moura told BT Sport:

“The best moment in my life. I need to say thank you to my teammates, because what I am living here is unbelievable.”

For Ajax, this almost certainly game heralds much of this squad being blown by the four winds across Europe.

For Spurs, this progress has demonstrated an iron will from Mauricio. Will he now, finally be backed?!


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  1. paul says:

    Against all odds, just when even the most die hard levyologist must have given up hope, we are IN THE FINAL OF THE FACKIN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!

    And we have a chance too, i’m no longer scared of getting our pants pulled down by Pooh and that’s not because of what i saw ON the pitch in the second half (altho no bad thing obv) it’s because of what i saw afterwards – poch’s raw emotion, what it meant to him and the galvanising effect this will have had on the players and the realisation on the players faces that after all this time, despite Levy and his negligence, that they actually have the chance to make all that has gone before be for something. A one off match, in Spain, against a team we know very well, coming off the back of last night. Game on! COYS!!

    • Cabspur says:

      Hey Paul,i know absolute stunner and hey we could bloody win it yet !!

      • poxy says:

        Whether we win it or not, I believe this is possibly our finest ever achievement in European (as opposed to domestic) football, certainly superior to winning the ECWC in 1963(reaching the final of the old European Cup was harder to accomplish than winning ECWC) and at least on a par with the UEFA Cup wins of 1972 and 1984. The Champions League is really an amalgam of the old European Champions Cup and the best teams from the former UEFA Cup (the thing that Chelsea or Arsenal will likely win is a pale, castrated version of the old UEFA/Inter Cities Fairs cup)

      • paul says:

        Stranger things have happened at sea!

    • poxy says:

      I dunno; I can’t get the Villa cup final debacle against Arsenal out of my mind. And, also, Klopp is very due a change of fortune – and outcome – in a final. Except for Celtic in Scotland, my teams are rather good at finishing second – for instance, I almost need an abacus to count the number of times I’ve seen Worcestershire lose finals at Lords!

      • poxy says: got almost three weeks after this Sunday to prepare for THE FINAL – we’ll probably lack match practice and match tightness when the time comes

    • legoverlassreinvented says:

      This This and This !

  2. poxy says:

    I’m going off to do something else now – like making sure I have got enough money in the appropriate bank account to pay some bills! You’re probably relieved, but I Hope someone is going to read some of my comments below

  3. Play the ball or naff off and play with yourself somewhere else.

    There’s a love.

  4. Urbane Sturgeon says:

    Can’t help seeing Erikson’s very calm, almost removed demeanor as a possible reflection of his recent apparent lack of commitment/connection during matches. Maybe I’m misreading him. For me, Rosy deserves a special mention; she’s been looking more like her old self and was the closest thing to a midfield general we had last night. His energy, presence & whipping up of the troops has been great to see.

    • paul says:

      Mentioned the same last night, looked like he’d just come off after a meaningless friendly


  5. poxy says:

    This is an absolutely incredible managerial achievement from Poch like Jock Stein winning the old European Cup with effectively a Glasgow and District XI, as the late, great Hugh McIlvanny used to put it. He has not been helped one iota by his board of directors but, in fact CHAINED! Phenomenal – don’t know how’s he done it!

    I came across one Liverpool blogger last night describing MP as a good man and a great manager and hoping for a great final. And another blogger saying that, on time up, Poch went straight to the Ajax bench and what a class act he was. He IS, I believe. A man of respect. Though I’m hardly a Levy fan, I remember that he had got his players going up to Danny Boy and saying “Good Morning, Mr Levy” (though i’d rather like to call him something else!)

  6. Panama Paul says:

    Schweet !!!!

    So we’re playing at the Bernabau again – almost like a home ground.

    • poxy says:

      No, we’re not! it’s Atletico’s ground the final is on! A strange coincidence in that Atletico were our final opponents in 1963 in Rotterdam when we became the first British club to win one of the three major European competitions at the time when we trounced them 5-1 (though I believe it was a little sticky for a while after they pulled back to 2-1). Remembered as Dyson’s Match, the finest game in Terry Dyson’s career. I remember him being especially noticeable to me up and down the touchline (the red hair may have had something to do with it!) when, at the age of nine, I watched my first ever senior game at St Andrews on Saturday, 29th February (our first team hasn’t played on the leap day again since then, incidentally), 1964. We were sitting on the top of the table at the time but Liverpool (!) looking a little menacing with games in hand. Score that day? Birmingham 1 Spurs 2 with Greaves getting the winner from the spot. Very good game apparently. Though I favoured Spurs at the time (had liked the name, like so many kids, and then found out they were rather good, too), I wasn’t really a footie fan until the following season when I saw them lose three out of three in the West Midlands. In 63-64, I’ve subsequently discovered, following the Birmingham game, we then played, in our next three fixtures, the three teams who were to finish above us. Three home games; three defeats! And we’re still awaiting our first league title since 1961!

  7. poxy says:

    Thank God Poch couldn’t hear DD last night (not that he’d have taken any notice anyway). A full thirteen minutes in and the demented Dilly is shouting for LLorente to be brought on………………….in place of Moura! Dear God! I’m answering him back, “Good God, you haven’t started already? It’s thirteen minutes for chrissakes!!

  8. Spurs est1882 says:

    In his defence. . he called this one when we went 1-0 down.

  9. Cabspur says:

    This is a shitter if true ,deserves to be there .

    • paul says:

      Yeah i saw that too Cab, would be heartbroken for the guy if he misses out, no-one more deserving. I hope that we are two up with five to play and he can be brought on as a meaningless sub so he can get his medal, that would be my preference for HK too! If if if tho..
      Hilariously Viktor was allowed to run around the pitch after the result and he could barely walk, guess Poch had already decided there’s no chance he’s going to feature!

      • poxy says:

        My preference, too. Unfortunately, two up with five minutes to play ain’t going to happen (and if it did, you just know that Liverpool would get one back and pile on the agony for us!)

  10. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Ajax 3 up on agg….leave themselves with a 4 on 3 for the 1st. Why on earth would you do that? Games done. 2nd what the fuck is the keeper and center half doing and De Ligt for the 3rd? Pull out a tackle or even a block?? In that situation?? 2 nights of UEFA productions brought to you by corrupt inside traders BT sport. Sorry to burst the bubble but we are being taken for mugs. Old Maurice won’t be getting a RADA place bless him….alot of squinting. No wonder Rio was going mad, he must av won a fortune.
    No need to give me an earful I will go quietly now. But anyone with any critical thought left, put emotion aside and watch the 2 nights goals again. God bless. I miss Tottenham and real football.

    • paul says:

      Last time i’m going to engage with this Gaz. So,yet again you would have us believe that (in this case) the young men of Ajax that have worked their socks off for years to achieve their dreams are actually nothing more than scurrilous cheats, devoid of morals and willingly involved in a ridiculously complex scam to throw a CL semi final and kiss goodbye to their honour and boyhood dreams just for a little bit more cash (of which they have plenty). It’s ludicrous mate; apart from anything the human brain can’t even process events (goalmouth scrambles) quick enough to be able to think right i’m going to pull out here or do this now and so on. What we witnessed was nothing more than good old human fallibility brought on by nothing more than pressure, stress and fatigue, its the same in team sports all over the world and the greater the pressure the higher the chance for error, it’s just human nature. Sport isn’t about critical thought and putting emotions aside, it’s about the absolute opposite and tbh mate your displaying extremely little critical thought when it comes to these conspiracy theories and if i had to draw an analogy it would be akin to religious extremism, where all critical thought has been lost and replaced by dogma. You should really start to go back and slowly watch matches from this halcyon ‘real football’ era you describe and you can spend the next decade pulling those apart too.

      • poxy says:

        They put in a very convincing show of being utterly devastated as they slumped to the ground following our winning goal, did they not? Yes, this Gazza nonsense is just that. NONSENSE!

      • poxy says:

        I think he’s been watching an old episode of Hancock’s Half Hour in which he needs just one draw to win a jackpot on the pools and there’s an evening kick off involving his local side, East Cheam, and disguising himself as a director (? can’t really remember the plot too well now), tries to affect the match in some way as to achieve the desired result. Of course, he makes a pig’s ear of things and doesn’t get the draw!

    • poxy says:

      There’s nothing going on, mate! No conspiracies, no obvious match fixing here. Now, taking stimulants and performance enhancers, that may be more fertile ground.I remember my best mate over forty years, a Liverpool fan, incidentally, (from Liverpool originally), some years ago now, telling me that if you did random drugs tests at the end of games there’d be some carnage! And a Benfica fan in Obidos in Portugal has told me that Porto in the past were possibly doping their players with the result that they were all balding! Stephane Moll (don’t know if this is the correct spelling), their Belgian international centre half at the time, a useful player and leading goalscorer one season apparently (he took their penalties and scored something like twelve of them that particular season) had a very healthy mane of long hair and, looking round the changing room at his less favoured team mates, got worried, and put in a transfer request!

      • poxy says:

        Last time I ran into this chap in Obidos, he immediately greeted me by informing me that the president of Sporting Lisbon was a psychopath and that he had been on television about 13 times in the previous 14 days complaining about Benfica and, I think, some match gift they’d given a referee (I was told all very normal and above board). Apparently, the Sporting president had just been a fan and troller on the net one minute and then, suddenly, hey presto, he’s the president!

        • poxy says:

          Away from football, he also told me about the time when the Dutch who had these “Spice Islands” that were once Portugal’s, had 17 of them and wanted to complete the set with Rhum Island which belonged to GB at the time. So keen were they, apparently, to get this island (and you couldn’t get rum on Rhum Island either!), that they agreed a swap with us. As a result, they got the desired for Rhum Island and, so I’m told, we just got some island called Manhattan. Yes, THE Manhattan, though I don’t suppose it was called that at the time (after all, wasn’t New York once New Amsterdam?)

          • poxy says:

            I don’t really know if this correct but it certainly gave me a good laugh! He runs a little bar where I usually have some cheese and sausages and a few glasses of Ginginha! Obidos,with a very pretty walled centre on a hill (only about 50 people live within the walls, I believe) a good day trip from Lisbon. Anyway, this chap always manages to have me in stitches – it’s the way he tells them!

  11. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    I suppose Daniel is going to open up the New Destination as a fan zone for the final and charge £200 a ticket.

  12. East Stand says:

    Llorente’s hold up play last night was almost a masterclass for any aspiring target man. He’s not that mobile and doesn’t score tons of goals but he’s bloody good at holding it up when he wants to be! He’s been effective off the bench at times.

  13. Spurs est1882 says:

    Who was the last NEW name on the trophy? Porto in 03?

    • Eleventstonedidiots says:

      Porto won it in 04 I think but had won it in 1987 too. I think it may have been Dortmund in 1997?

  14. Aussie in Switzerland says:

    Our revenue will now surpass Arsenal’s. Win the CL and get ENIC to spend in Summer then we’ll never look back….

  15. SpursGoliath says:

    I do believe the Poch comments are mainly hot air and pressure. If he lifts the Champions League it’s more likely he starts crying and declares his undying love and support for the club.

    He just needs to be backed. Being in the final will mean we now have players looking at Spurs as a different sort of proposition – the summer is set up nicely…open that fakking wallet

    • East Stand says:

      Check out when he walks out of the presser after being asked if Kane will be fit for the final. He makes a little ‘wanker’ gesture with his hand as he walks off. Brilliant, gotta love him!

    • East Stand says:

      Check out when he walks out of the presser after being asked if Kane will be fit for the final. He makes a little ‘wanker’ gesture with his hand as he walks off. Brilliant, gotta love him!

  16. SpursGoliath says:

    I’d already changed my mind about Moura over the last two months – he’s worked hard every game, he’s a fighter, he takes on players.

    If he gets more confidences with his shooting ability (which seems to be there but he hides a lot of the time) then we’d have something close to another Defoe.

    This result was pure ‘never say die’. We were the poorer side over both legs, the players are dead on their feet and others are injured.

    From this under invested and injury prone squad Poch has somehow still fashioned a decent starting 11 for most of these CL games plus a motivated set of subs which he’s also somehow made into something close to impact subs. Even Llorente is 100% committed and knows his job and is ready to die for the cause.

    It has been clear the CL games have dominated the manager’s thoughts and the player’s thoughts and league results have suffered greatly…but imo the reason has been from the manager down they’ve been dreaming of glory in the Champions League.

  17. East Stand says:

    Particularly ironic that the players are singing Oasis when the Gallaghers are massive Citeh fans!

    • poxy says:

      I can’t stand Oasis, personally; I think the Gallagher brothers are morons. The one sings like a moron.

  18. East Stand says:

    Slightly concerned about this mantra of “end the five year chapter” from Poch.

    What does he mean? That he’s off, or that they have to go again with some rebuilding and a new chapter and try to win the league?

  19. Aussie in Switzerland says:

    Before the game I told my Liverpool supporting mates in Australia that Spurs would win and Moura will score a brace, after them telling me Spurs had no heart. At 2-1 down I text “we got this”.

    After the game I text “enough heart for ya?”

    We are going to win this, Liverpool play shit in Spain.

    • R0nan1882 says:

      I think even if they play well we will win. Too much unlikely shit has gone our way not to believe something big is in store. Things that you would never expect to go spurs way: Hugo’s penalty save from aguero, VAR at Etihad, Ajax hitting the post over and over, Lucas suddenly coming up with magical shit when the coffin is being lowered into the ground. Those 2nd legs against city and Ajax were like making it across a 6-lane freeway blindfolded.
      Has to have instilled massive belief in the lads and must spook the scousers. I doubt anybody who has been paying attention will be lumping on large on Liverpool.

      • East Stand says:

        Football is about 40-50% luck and fate. There are too many variables in game of football for everything to be scientific, which is part of the reason why it’s so enthralling as a sport…

  20. Spurs est1882 says:

    I am now shitting it that a taste of glory will turn the remaining heads of our squad. Why have a once in a lifeline experience when some clubs do this every year .

    • East Stand says:

      Who does it every year? Barca often and Madrid often but apart from them who?

      • Spurs est1882 says:

        I mean win stuff, be in contention to win stuff. Barca and Madrid are enough they would both take Kane and Toby at the least.

        • East Stand says:

          I think Ajax need to worry about that more than us, couple of them are off already. Their skipper will probably be one of the greats.

        • Eddie says:

          Funnily enough I don’t recall seeing anything linking Kane with either Barca or Real.incidentally in Toby’s post match interview he said how proud he was to play for Spurs.This in stark contrast to that cunt Levy not paying him his worth.

    • poxy says:

      I’m afraid, Eastie, it’s a good point.

  21. Eddie says:

    The conundrum that is Harry Kane for the final is an interesting one.
    We all know Poch loves him,but I think he might surprise people with his choice and leave him on the bench.Paul is right he will have had a long layoff and no match fitness,it’s a big ask and I think the team that got us to Madrid deserve Poch’s faith.
    Hopefully Winks is fit enough for a Sunday sub appearance and after last night Lamela didn’t do too many lines so is also fit.
    Can’t wait for 1st.June.Bring it on.

    • Cabspur says:

      Ive thought about Winks ,him and sissy play well together and winksy would make us a much better team. Wanny and Dier are playing shite and need to be sold .

  22. OrganicPaper says:

    Now now, Dave. Let’s enjoy this peculiar situation we find our self’s in as Spurs fans and not squabble. We are in the ChampionsLeage Final…… Spurs are in the Champions League Final….
    Even though I’ve written it twice it doesn’t feel real!

  23. paul says:

    Just read a good point on sky – Lucas Moura was discarded by PSG because they wanted to progress to the champions league final – nice irony. And double bubble, let’s not forget who the psg manager was at the time 🤣🤣🤣none other than Unai Emery. Thanks Arse, top four and CL’s final.

  24. poxy says:

    See previous blog “Poch Blubs” for my comments about tonight ie Dilly calling for Moura to be substituted………after 13 minutes, mind you! The nutter! I ask, too, whether Kane should perhaps only be on the bench for the final if fit.

    • paul says:

      That’s the problem poxy, he can’t possibly BE fit after a six week lay off and no matches. He absolutely should not start but start he will, you can bet your house on it.

    • paul says:

      That’s the problem poxy, he can’t possibly BE fit after a six week lay off and no matches. He absolutely should not start but start he will, you can bet your house on it.

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