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Spurs At Wembley Until March, Really?

By The Boy -

LoveSport radio ‘has learned from sources with intimate knowledge of the construction process at White Hart Lane that the in-stadium sprinkler system, which is automatically activated in the event of a fire, will not be completed until March at the earliest.’

3 months to install a sprinkler system?

Curiouser yet, the station say that they pushed THFC for a reaction quote and they received one.

A spokesperson said: ‘We are now being regularly updated on progress and as soon as we have confidence in our project managers’ and contractors’ ability to deliver against the revised schedule of works, we shall be able to issue dates for test events and the official opening game.’


Strange wording that.

We are now.

Which does tie in though with a comment posted on this blog in the last week, from someone who had spoken with a contractor and said that they had very little interaction with THFC whilst working at the site.

Here’s a clip of the show the exclusive update originated from:



Does this sound kosher?

I don’t wish Levy well, but even I’m struggling see how the project could bungle on into March.




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