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Agent: Spurs Ace Feels Like Sh*t
By Harry Hotspur -

Badr Slassi is apparently Moussa Sissoko’s ‘advisor’.

“He quickly found himself in a position where he did not play, which he is not used to. It was not a problem of club, it just got tired.

“He is not in emotional conflict with his coaches, anyway, only in the professional way. Never will you hear him complain. But he is a force of nature, and it makes him feel like s***, to say the words, not to be able to express himself: he loves the club, the supporters, the infrastructure. he therefore experienced this as a frustration in Tottenham.”

This quote comes from what is a pretty revealing piece in L’Equipe which sees Sissoko accused by a former team-mate of transfer speculation being invented by his agent.

But the agent’s excuses as to why Sissoko has been a big fat flop at Spurs is something else. The low animal cunning deployed by people in football never ceases to amaze.

“The Euro blew it up and his transfer was difficult because he was late, he arrived in Tottenham when the preparation was over and the Championship had started [three days before].”

A muddle of mumbling and foot shuffling.

Moussa was held in contempt at Newcastle fans and gave Spurs fans nothing tangible to allow them to think any better of him.

The sooner this chump is out of the Lilywhite the better.

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