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Sources: Levy Happy To Abandon Premier League Season Tomorrow
By Harry Hotspur -

Another decent in-depth piece here from The Athletic gang this time featuring Matt Slater, David Ornstein, Laurie Whitwell, and Adam Crafton who one must say, have not just done their homework but done it with some distinction.

The word from The Athletic is that Levy is happy to walk away. Which at first glance, feels it might be a questionable business decision. However, The Boy Hotspur spoke with a source close to the club this afternoon and now has a better understanding of the thinking.

For starters, without fans in attendance, any club offering its facilities to aid completing the season will be doing so for “the good of the game” and without receiving any tangible, financial benefit. Say adieu to bags stuffed with replica shirts etc., and kiss goodbye to £800,000’s worth N17 burgers (or whatever they’re called).

For the main course, there’s the TV money, or what might be termed “The Stakeholder’s Revenge”… What will Sky, BT Sport, and Amazon actually do? Demand their money back? In another life maybe, but in this one, there’s plenty of product unsold next season, that could yet be sold. So no biggie.

What’s for puddin’?! Never underestimate the blunt world view of Daniel Levy. The reason that the furloughing of non-playing staff was binned, was down to the dreadful PR that was created. Stop paying millionaires for doing nothing and you’ll wait a long time to hear anything from the public that could be mistaken for disapproval.

C’mon lads, let’s just get this done. I need a mental health boost, my brain cannot cope with Spurs not annoying me!

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