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Sources: Expect An Exclusion Zone Around The Spurs Stadium
By Harry Hotspur -

Football is coming back, but not as we know it. There will be empty seats, and the dull echo of each kick will eerily float around the shopping centre like the ghost of Keith Burkinshaw’s last weighty sigh.

There will be hurdles. After all, Serge Aurier wasn’t the only footballer that failed to grasp the basics of social distancing. And then there’s the business of daft fans. How many “staunch” supporters will turn up on the High Road to have good old sing-song outside Chick King?

Those planning upon greeting the players as they arrive from Hotspur Way will be in for a bit of a let-down. Sources close to the club tell The Boy Hotspur that the clubs involved in hosting the season’s finale will be operating a combination of police and stewards – who will be making any “exercises” that just happen to include a stroll past the ground – impossible.

The government are keen to start the circuses again.

As per this piece, a June 8th restart is pencilled in, but none of this is anywhere close to being in stone. Fingers crossed the footballers don’t screw up, eh?

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