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Sources Blast Parrott For Lacking “emotional control” Being “in a different galaxy” To Rashford When He Was 18
By Harry Hotspur -

I take a view on Mourinho’s latest routine, the “We have zero strikers the pitch, zero on bench or zero in stands. We have two in the hospital” one, that the gaffer is being somewhat disingenuous. The lack of bona fide strikers at Tottenham is part a bigger problem, and the Portuguese knows that woe is me sound-bites need to be heavily condensed in football, into easily digestible messages, or the messenger will probably get shot.

Which segues us effortlessly into asking, why are we waiting for Troy Parrott to step into the fray? The case for introducing him to the first team squad appears overwhelming, on the face of it. The algebra is straightforward enough. No strikers + a striker = end of no striker situation.

Parrott after all, Troy had been rubber-stamped by Mick McCarthy to play for Republic of Ireland’s first team. And recently, the boy signed a new deal that will keep him at Hotspur Way until 2023. So what’s the beef? Well, for a start, as our man Jose Fish rightly pointed out, Parrott’s “new long term deal” wasn’t really long term, at all. The summer of 2023 is 3 summers hence, which in the modern game means the deal is good for 2 summers, and then it will need to be revisited by both parties.

We also had some recent ITK, that the boy “had issues”, and a national newspaper claimed that one of Parrott’s closest friends was the son of a drug trafficker.

Now, The Athletic (£) not only back up the Harry Hotspur information, but add comment from another source, which interestingly references Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, who got his first team debut at the same age.

It’s early days for everyone at this latest incarnation of Tottenham Hotspur, but to date, José Mourinho has only trusted Parrott with 5 minutes from the bench against Burnley, and that was back in December.

The Parrott situation does of course, provide those untrusting of Mourinho with another stick with which to beat him.

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28 responses to “Sources Blast Parrott For Lacking “emotional control” Being “in a different galaxy” To Rashford When He Was 18”

  1. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    When kane was 18 he scored 5 goals in 18 games for leyton orient in league two…. If parrots not good enough then it would be foolish to play him. For his own sake and the club.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Wouldn’t break him, could make him. I’d chuck him in you know. If it doesn’t go as he/Jose expects it to go he’ll know he has to work harder. Give him a start I say.

      • Andy says:

        You have to trust Jose, he is a great man manager, he will have told the boy where he stands. He had similar decisions to make with the young Salah, Lukaku, De Bruyene, Pogba etc and they all excelled after Jose’s tough love.

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        Have to agree with andy. Maureen sees him every day in training. If troy was killing it and making fools of everyone in practise then he’d be starting I’m sure. We are desperate. If he is good enough but not playing yet then maybe its personal issues behind the scenes.. I presume he’s not good enough yet. He is young with limited experience, could really do with regular playing time on loan in a lower division before jumping in the deep end. Too much pressure and stress for the lad if he’s still learning and not ready.

  2. Peter Dryland says:

    We are rapidly becoming a reactive team instead of a proactive side. Passing back or sideways is fast becoming the norm and you just know in your heart of hearts we are going to get a pasting at some stage in the near future.
    JM might like ‘Parking the bus’ but it ain’t the Tottenham way and it is fast becoming a ‘borefest’.
    Perhaps someone who is a lacking ‘Emotional Control’ could be just what it takes to look like an attacking team instead of players seemingly frightened to pass the ball forward in case it’s their fault it’s all gone wonky.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Jose will play a much more attacking style when he has the defense “tight” enough to cope when they do. All them wicked attacking players we have won’t be let loose till then

    • Tappaspur says:

      Jose will play a much more attacking style when he has the defense “tight” enough to cope when they do. All them wicked attacking players we have won’t be let loose till then

      • Tappaspur says:

        Get the ball to celly soon (quickly) then we’ll start burying teams. Fast football is coming. Next season we’ll start to move Jose’s team forward. Still some fun to be had this season though. FA cup final”ly

        • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

          Other threads closed..Aye big up any copper who cares genuinely.. And that was a crazy story man 😆

        • Andy says:

          Yes, for the last few years the way the FA Cup was disrespected was terrible. We’re finally focused on winning it. The CL was not worth it. Still wondering why Daniel didn’t offer Jose a 2 mill bonus for winning the FA Cup as well.

          • Tappaspur says:

            The top four is vital coz as we know all the cream ballers wanna play CL.

          • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

            Low prize money for winning the fa cup. No returns… He only got the champs league bonus because its a goldmine. Huge returns so levy desperate not to lose money. He wants to keep those record profits going.

      • Andy says:

        Jan is still in his plans, Toby signed an extension because of Jose, Japhet coming good and Aurier playing his best football! Defence settled with Sanchez also maturing. The future is now, the personel are in place. We’re on track to get in the Cl next season and give Red Bull a shock. Have faith in the present, Tappa

  3. Lord Croker says:

    ‘Segues’ A word that I should and will use more in conversation.

  4. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    I watched Parrots debut for Ireland vs NZ and he was up against a seasoned pro in Winston Reid. He did ok but I did come away with the feeling he wasn’t quite ready. But looking at our recent displays the team is in desperate need of a spark from somewhere. A disruptive influence could be just the thing we need to ignite our season and I don’t think there is anything to lose by giving him 15-20 minutes.

  5. Marbella Spur says:

    I watched the game last night with interest. You have to take your hat off to Guardiola for his tactical masterclass, he completely out thought Zidane, and I thought the City players were immense in their discipline. I also thought Bayern were fantastic against Chelsea, that’s the way to play football. What I would give to see Alphonso Davies in a Spurs shirt. On to more mundane matters, we shouldn’t be in a position to rely on a 17yr old striker. There seems to be little point in declaiming that it’s all Levy’s fault because everybody knows he completely f***ed up in the transfer market. Never mind, we Spurs fans can console ourselves that the club is going to announce that the annual turnover was over £400 mill.

    • Eleventstonedidiots says:

      I hope Ryan Sessengon was watching Alphonso Davies for Bayern the other night.

      • Eddie says:

        Saka at the ar$e is looking like the player we thought we bought in Sessegnon.Obviously he’s not immature or has issues with his mentality.I don’t know whether when we bought Parrott he came to England with any family members to keep him grounded.

      • Andy says:

        Sessegnon needs to be sold, he doesn’t suit this Tottenham team and still has value.