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ITK Suggests Significant Discontent: How Close Is Poch To Losing The Dressing Room?

By The Boy -

A big headline, sadly not one based upon wild speculation. 


The Times (£) are running with the suggestion that several first team players are experiencing a mental and physical burn out.

Two salient quotes from the Times are as follows.


“…players claim that the team’s slump is down to exhaustion and mental fatigue and believe they should be given more days off.” 

“… the feeling of some in the dressing room that they are being worked too hard, particularly given that many of them were heavily involved at the World Cup.”


In response to this piece – the Harry Hotspur blog spoke with a source close to the club – who confirmed that that the unrest has actually been there since the very first game of the season.

There is an identifiable split within the first team; between those who were rather pleased that their starting places are not under threat from new signings, and those who feel that they are having to work harder to pick up the overall slack.

The club was quick enough to bask in the reflected glory of being to supply so many Internationals for the Russia 2018 tournament, however some of the players have been left feeling like they are being worked like rented mules.

It’s also been suggested that Maurico Pochettino isn’t exactly helping morale.

The stay over at The Lodge after returning from the loss in Italy against Inter was far from universally welcomed by the players.  

What was presumably supposed to be a bonding exercise became more akin to pressure cooker.

According to the source – the technical issue that prevented Kieran Trippier and Toby Alderweireld from participating on Tuesday night was related to the fractious atmosphere that exists, although no specific details were forthcoming.

Not for the first time the question has to be asked…

At a time when THFC is supposed to be on the up – why does so very little indicate this to be the case?



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