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Source Close To Club: Troy Parrott Has Issues
By Harry Hotspur -

It’s early days with 18-year-old Tottenham prodigy Troy Parrott, but the Harry Hotspur blog understands that things could be better between the club’s coaching staff and the boy.

A source close to the club has spoken of a sense of disappointment at Hotspur Way surrounding the much vaunted Dublin lad. Despite his tender years, it was hoped that Parrott could be positioned to break through into the senior squad – ahead of schedule – alas it looks as if confidence in Troy is not where it ought to be. The issues are thought to be in relation to focus and attitude.

Not so long ago, The Athletic ran a piece giving Spurs fans a real sense of hope, with quotes from inside both Spurs and Belvedere FC reinforcing the idea that Parrott was teed up to be the real deal.

Parrott & The Gypsy King

Since then, Troy signed an extension, but only until 2023, which, as our man Joe wrote, possibly hinted that neither party were entirely sure about each other.

Perhaps the kid has become distracted by his new found status and earnings? He wouldn’t be the first. The Sun ran with this piece recently suggesting Parrott was enjoying his new life which included the son of known drug trafficker and celebs.

Parrott & The Drug Trafficker’s son

Parrott has been given his first full cap for the Republic Of Ireland, yet the boy has yet to start a Premier League game for his club, which is desperate for goalscorer options.

To date, José Mourinho has only trusted Parrott with 5 minutes from the bench against Burnley, back in December.

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45 responses to “Source Close To Club: Troy Parrott Has Issues”

  1. East Stand says:

    Another Jose ‘master class’ tonight.

    He might bemoan the lack of a centre forward but that was just rubbish throughout the whole team. Apart from letting the opposition have the ball, I’m struggling to understand what Jose’s plan actually is.

    Another abysmal home performance with pathetic levels of possession.

    Jose is a busted flush, Utd should have proved that but unfortunately some people are still convinced he has what he had some years ago. The game has moved on, he’s a dinosaur…

    • Andy says:

      Be fair Easty, even if the players don’t know what the game plan is, you do. It is so predictable that every team we play now sets up to attack us. We pinch a win here or there and it is hailed as a winning mentality. Looking at our fixture, we are the away team wherever we play.

  2. Troy Parrott says:

    Yeah, of what car magazine…

  3. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    Still all to play for, could have been a lot worse. We only decided to start playing when going a goal down. What a player LoCelso is though. Theres definitely a dynamic midfield in the making with him and Ndombele

  4. IF he’s keeping bad company this is where good coaches become father figures and let their charges know what’s good for them, and what isn’t, and in no uncertain terms. If this dodgy friendship is true, then he needs a good verbal kick up the a**e, and told the facts of life about football at this level. At the same time he needs to be given a chance.

  5. rafa van der VAR says:

    If anyone had taken the time to watch TP play a game then you would know he isn’t ready to hold up our season, and all this talk is just that. He isn’t ready yet. Secondly that’s not Troy Parrott in the picture with the Gypsy King!?! That’s the so called drug traffickers son..

  6. daytripper says:

    Jose talked about Troy during a press conference in early Jan after the two had a lengthy talk. He said that the gulf in development between an 18 year old player and a 20 year old like Tanganga is absolutely massive. He never mentioned anything on the personality side, it was all about knowledge of the game and the position.

  7. England Mike says:

    We don’t know what the issues are, but at his age its not difficult to understand that there are distractions out there , including people filling his head with their opinions.The old style disciplined methods wont wash anymore , if kids don’t get what they want , they move on or just end up failures.

    • Andy says:

      Marcus 11

      • Gascoigne was the Mark I. Edwards was thrown away, mark II, and now it looks like Parrot will be thrown away as well, mark III.

        My view is that no one wants to take real responsibility for these up and coming wayward lads, just chuck huge sums of money at them and hope for the best.

  8. oldyid says:

    With the injury list at Spurs , now is the time that will show if Mourinho is a top manager , or has just lived off of ready made teams since he left Porto , i for one do not like his style of play, but it has brought him success ,the question still remains of how good is Mourinho without a ready made team or 100’s of millions to spend? Is Troy Parrott ready or is Mourinho clueless on how to fit him into the team?

  9. MrChickenHead says:

    Dele junior, bloody kids.

  10. Mermelada Mañana says:

    there’s not even a half decent free agent knocking around…..Victor Anichebe? :O(

  11. Brian Fisher says:

    Other newcomers and youngsters have had chances. Mourinho is well aware of his “pure striker” shortage. He says Parrot is “not ready”. Let’s trust him to know. Throwing Parrot into the deepend will not help us or Troy. Let’s hope that he comes along in training and Mourinho puts him on the bench and gives him a cameo. This league has a way of gobbling up youngsters and spitting them out. Parrot could be a long term asset or a 10 game wonder. let Mou decide. that’s what he was hired for.

    • daytripper says:

      I like how you put that, throwing him into the deepend. If Kane was healthy, there is no pressure on Parrot at all. But without Kane, the expectations on Troy are magnified considerably, that’s a terrible position to put a 18 year old kid in.

  12. Tappaspur says:

    Troy’s ok man. Nothing to worry about there. nothing out of the ordinary going on. It’s shweet.

  13. ronan1882 says:

    Surely we’ve past the point now where “protecting the boy” and “concerns about off-field company” are the priorities. Enic have again achieved the impossible in leaving a coach bereft of strikers as he confronts 3 competitions. So what if Parrot has “issues” ? So did Gazza, Rooney, Fowler, D Ferguson, C Austin et al. The priority now is fielding somebody, anybody, who knows how to hit the net.

    • kwakspur says:

      Will take for Lucas & Steven to get injured before Jose is forced into playing Troy.

      So he’ll have to wait his turn & keep putting it in in training.

      What some of you don’t realise is how would it look to Lucas [who is still sore from not starting the final last year] if Troy is starting up top ahead of him after what he proved in the Semi last year.

      Might be the final straw.

      In that game Son was off his game, so Lucas stepped up & showed us all what hes made of.

      Never forget that, before you ask for Troy to start up top without giving Lucas a fair run.


      …tonight should be very interesting with Steven & Lucas up front with Deli in behind, like against Ajax.

      Just hope Toby [gets enough sleep] & Hugo [is back on top form] are ready to keep that defence TIGHT!

      Remeber what we did in the knockouts last year when the German table toppers came to town & everyone said we had no chance???

      Maybe Jose needs to remind a few media guys who we are

      • Tappaspur says:

        Jose needs to remind a lot of spurs fans who we are and where we are at.

        • Andy says:

          The lack of a strike option is not Jose’s fault. But he clearly does not know who we are as a football playing club.

          • Tappaspur says:

            Has he been here 100 days yet. Give the man a chance or can’t you do that. Can’t you see the situation we’re in? Jose. don’t listen to these fools. I know I know you don’t you don’t🌚 Jose chuck Troy in

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        Good points mate.. But lucas is not a striker and not very good in that role at all. Especially as a lone striker.. He’s far more dangerous on the flanks, he is a right winger by trade.. If troy is no robbie keane (he signed for inter for big bucks when he was 17yrs old) then i would try bergwjin in there he seems to hold the ball up well, stronger than moura, maybe he will be better. Son struggles up top too, but moura does even more.. THE SAD THING IS MOST AMATEUR CLUBS DON’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM. It’s ludicrous levy failed to get a striker in the last two windows.. Window before that the man could have brought grealish for 6million. While levy tried bullying and haggling villa for only 4 million. He lost him due to their takeover the new owners told him where to go unless he had 40 million. Grealish is now valued at 80 million. Levy bites his nose off to spite his face.

        • Andy says:

          The really good news is that although we lack a bone fide striker now, the Daily Mail says we are keeping tabs on the promising French striker Serhou Guirassy with the possibility of making a move in the summer. Daniel is a master of deflection.

      • ronan1882 says:

        Nobody is saying we have no chance tonight. Nor that it’s a zero sum game between Lucas and Troy — anymore than it was between Lucas and HK or Lucas and Sonny. The reality now is that Mourinho is facing a 3-month shitfight for top 4 while also having to compete in 2 cup competitions.. Even if we suddenly re-categorize Lucas as a prolific out and out striker, he is not going to be enough on his own.

        • Tappaspur says:

          Jose will adapt the team to win games. He’s got all the experience a coach needs for all situations. He’ll sort something out man. We’ve got some footballers here

      • Who said Lucas would have to step down in the event of Parrot playing? Lucas often plays alongside Kane.

  14. Sid Trotter says:

    Aw give the boy a run out, he’s at the right end of the pitch so how much can he f**k up really

  15. Tappaspur says:

    COYS YYIIDDZZ. Jose will find ways to get points. South stand. Set example. You lead I’ll get the north stand to follow. If not let’s swap fking seats

    • Tappaspur says:

      There’s only one place to be at the lane man. The standing south stand. Couldn’t get one for this game. Not complaining though. When we went one up Vs Bayern the noise was heavy. Powerful stuff.

  16. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Hardly suprising there is clearly something wrong maureen has said he’s not ready but no reasons.. The dead parrot sketch keeps springing to mind.. Come on Polly ffs.