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Source Close To Club: Dele Alli’s Transfer Confusion Is Fake News
By Harry Hotspur -

Yesterday a leak came out via the Daily Mail’s Sami Mokbel that Dele Alli felt himself in a state of limbo at Tottenham, found surplus to requirement by coach José Mourinho, yet prevented from accepting a summer loan move to Paris Saint Germain.

Sami says that the reason Dele was prevented from being loaned has yet to be explained to him, but from a source close to the club, The Boy Hotspur understands that this is not the case. In fact, Dele Alli is all too aware of his situation at Spurs.

Since the arrival of Mourinho, Dele has struggled to survive the scrutiny of a coach that doesn’t mince his words. The opening gambit about are you Dele or Dele’s brother ought to have been enough to alert the 24-year-old that he needed to raise his game, both in training and during games. Alas, it wasn’t.

My understanding is that the loan move to PSG was rejected by the club on two points. One, that the French giants wouldn’t pay his full wage, and two that Daniel Levy felt that there was still a way back for the boy. José has always been of a mind that ANY player can come back, because it’s business, not a personal spat.

This leak to the Daily Mail has been viewed by the club as not being quite as bad as say a Danny Rose move, however it is definitely seen as being disingenuous. Dele is itching to quit Spurs in order to prove himself; however this another disaffected player seeking to point the finger at Mourinho, a manager that has never failed to win, wherever he’s been.

Expect Alli to be sold as soon as January, but do not expect him to move anywhere unless Tottenham get precisely the deal they seek.

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