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Source Close To Club: Bale Talks Are Happening And They Are Advanced
By Harry Hotspur -

A source close to Tottenham Hotspur football club tells the Harry Hotspur blog that Gareth Bale, the one time darling of White Hart Lane could well be in his way ‘home’.

Of course this is a rumour that has been propositioned on numerous occasions previously, and one must add, routinely greeted with polarized reactions. With the Welshman, now 30, it seems to be either “welcome home!”, or “no thanks, he’s crocked”, with little offered in-between.

Yes the Real Madrid stars’ best years are behind him, but there’s no denying we’re still looking at a player of the very highest calibre. These talks are real and they are advanced.

Wages are another thorny issue. However, moving his family to China is no longer an option after the league now operates with a wage cap. It is therefore a struggle to see how Bale could realistically demand his current £600,000-a-week deal from any new employer in the West.

At Tottenham, Gareth Bale could be sure of fanbase that wouldn’t turn on him, and the wisdom of Jose Mourinho to manage him.

It’s fair comment that things have moved on from the “he’s too expensive, and too susceptible to injury” replies. This could be a deal that worked out in everyone’s favour.

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17 responses to “Source Close To Club: Bale Talks Are Happening And They Are Advanced”

  1. Legoverlassarisen says:

    I would take Bale back in a heartbeat. Bale,Kane and Son is mouthwatering and dread inducing in the oppositions mind. It is a statement signing to compliment the stadium and Jose arriving. Bale with one leg is more potent than half our current squad. Bale back and with us in the CL may just give the squad and the club the lift needed to push on and grab a fourth place spot and who knows what might happen in the CL knock out phases with his CL experience to call upon.

  2. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    ❤ Gareth Bale ❤ best welsh attacker ever… Alongside Kane the best english striker ever… Alongside son the best asian attacker ever…. Deadly front three.. This would be a serious statement of intent.. Far more likely to win anything with the calibre of bale in the ranks.. Big game changer, top match winner.. He would complement kane perfectly.

  3. England Mike says:

    IF he really wants to come then please let it happen, he is not the same man or player he was when here last , and those who will be waiting to jump on his back need to consider that, but whatever, Gareth still has enough to offer us, so get it done.

  4. Tappaspur says:

    Gareth come home. Don’t listen to any of the negative rubbish you’ll read. Jose Daniel get it done. “Bale is a luxury player and his work rate is not great also he’ll upset the teams non dynamic” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Some people really think the know😂😂

  5. MrChickenHead says:

    Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy. He’s the only one I’d take back.
    Well him and young Marcus, who Jose likes I’ve read.

    • coys1882 says:

      To be honest, I’d take back Luka Modric for a couple of seasons, even at 34. He’s still a class above anyone else we currently have in midfield, particularly with Erikssen on his way out the door.

  6. DannyG says:

    We’re missing the obvious – golf partner for Harry Kane! They play off the same handicap – He’ll never be able leave! They didn’t put that putting green in for a laugh you know!

  7. paul says:

    If you got even half a season’s games out of the lad he would still bring more to the team and points tally than half of our first eleven. Would also give the club a huge lift. By all accounts always a hard worker in training, good personality to have around, serial winner who’s operated at the highest level and literally won the CL by himself, twice. Tin tin plus $$ and RM paying some of his wages. NO brainer. For once I think the shopping centre will help here, I think he takes one look at that and thinks yeah this is me.

    • Cabspur says:

      I hope it happens ,the team needs a lot but a high profile face and seemingly decent character might waken some of them out of their slumber. wages is the key ,get that acceptable for all parties and bring it on.

  8. Tappaspur says:

    Bale for CAPTAIN.

  9. MrChickenHead says:


  10. DannyG says:

    I love this to happen. We need more quality

  11. Winning Mentality says:

    We all know what Bale could bring to the team in terms of his ability but it could upset the team dynamic. Kane is seen and respected as the leader so adding a high profile player like Bale could disturb things. Bale is also a luxury player these days, he’s work rate is not great.

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      He would give us dynamic that we dont have.. Bale, same as kane has always been a great role model.. Down to earth, humble, logical….. Signing someone like joey barton disturbs things……… We never win anything because we lack leaders… Bale would improve any team theres no doubt.