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So What’s The Metric For Our Success?

By The Boy -


My thanks to Sao Paulo Spurs who captures the mood here – with some aplomb.



Poch’s stock is still high. He is still perceived by many as a manager who has turned water into wine due to our relatively low spend compared to other Premier League clubs.

Levy is perceived by many as a chairman who is difficult to work with and fails to deliver on his promises.

The way people are talking you’d expect the Queen to knight poor Poch for services to ENIC.

When Poch speaks of our long-term project I’m finding it hard to see what the long-term goal is.

What exactly are Poch & ENIC trying to achieve? We can’t compare Poch to Arsene Wenger, Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho because they all won trophies. That was their metric for success.

We can however compare Poch to Eddie Howe.

Bournemouth’s strategy is to consolidate their position in the premier league and improve slowly but surely. Success for them is premier league survival.

They both have the same remit just at different ends of the table.

One question I would like an honest answer to is, what is our metric is for success? I don’t think I would like to hear the answer and I’m sure I can guess what it is. Finish in the top 4 and don’t risk that for any other distraction/cup competition that comes our way.

My guess is that this is Poch’s last season at Spurs and for him the “project” is complete. Without significant investment in the squad you cannot expect Spurs to compete for honours.

Poch is already doing a “Jose” and navigating his way out of the club. I expect for one reason or another his position will become untenable and either Man Utd or Real Madrid will pay whatever is needed to secure his services.

So, we will start again in our new gaff, with a new manager banging on about our new project.

I hope, beyond all hope, we also have a new chairman.

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