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So It Turns Out Marcus Edwards Can Play A Bit [video]

By The Boy -

An enigma; inside a puzzle, wrapped an Moncler coat. 


If Marcus Edwards could get a pound for every time his name has been mentioned online, he’d never have to kick a ball again.

Which would be a little bit like his time at Norwich City.

Spurs fans are unhealthily obsessed with youth prospects, which is undoubtedly down to having been psychologically conditioned by Daniel Levy’s excuses for the last 20 years.

Last night Edwards made his debut for Excelsior vs ADO Den Haag, in the Eredivisie.



There’s definitely a talent there, but when is he going to learn to let the ball go and pass of shoot?

Insane dribbling skills are a positive, but not if nothing of note ever comes of them.

He’s young, you say.

So’s my dog, I reply.

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