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Sky Sports man reveals why talks with Arne Slot collapsed despite being the “big favourite” for the job

By Mehdi Gokal -

Journalist Rob Dorsett has shed light on the behind-the-scenes events that led to Tottenham Hotspur abruptly withdrawing from a potential deal with Feyenoord manager Arne Slot.

Speculation had been rife in recent days, with numerous reports suggesting that Slot was the ‘big favourite‘ to take over as Spurs’ manager.

Slot had even reportedly traveled to London for talks with Tottenham, while his agent was scheduled to negotiate with Feyenoord.

According to Dean Jones, Slot’s initial meeting with Spurs officials went well, leaving them impressed. Moreover, the club had also assured him that they had no intention of selling star striker Harry Kane, who would have played a crucial role in Slot’s rebuilding plans.

However, to the shock of Spurs fans, news broke this morning that the deal had suddenly collapsed, with Slot publicly reaffirming his commitment to Feyenoord.

Contrary to popular belief, it is now being reported that Spurs themselves backed out of the deal, despite Slot’s interest.

Sky Sports’ Rob Dorsett has revealed that Tottenham felt they were being taken advantage of. Initially, it was suggested that appointing Slot would cost Spurs around £5 million in compensation. However, it emerged that his buyout clause would not come into effect until next summer, which allowed Feyenoord to play hardball.

Feyenoord demanded a compensation fee of £10 million and an additional £5 million if Tottenham wanted to bring Slot’s backroom staff along.

This discrepancy in valuation led Spurs to believe that they were being manipulated. As a result, they decided to walk away from the deal.

He told Sky Sports News (quotes via Football Fancast):

“My understanding is that it was actually Spurs who decided to walk away from Arne Slot and any potential deal with him because of disagreements about the terms of his buyout clause.”

“It’s my understanding that there were significant discussions with intermediaries, and that brought out the details of a £5m buyout clause for Arne Slot at Feyenoord, but crucially, that £5m buyout clause written into his contract doesn’t come into effect until next summer.

“The price that Feyenoord wanted to charge for any club who takes on Arne Slot at this time, was up for debate. And it’s my understanding that those intermediaries which Spurs were using, quoted £10m – double that buyout clause – if Spurs wanted to take on Arne Slot, and more than £5m extra if they wanted to take Slot’s backroom staff with them as well.

“It was at that point at Tottenham felt they were being used, and they decided to walk away from the deal.”

The sudden collapse of negotiations with Arne Slot has left Tottenham in a state of uncertainty as they continue their search for a new manager.

It has been reported that they are now “strongly considering” Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou. Another report has claimed that Spurs have offered former Liverpool and Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers a job earlier today.

The development has sparked speculation about the club’s next move and the potential alternative candidates they may pursue to fill the vacant managerial position.

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