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Sky Sports man praises ‘very clever’ Daniel Levy for what he has done behind the scenes

By Mehdi Gokal -

Despite his resignation, former Tottenham Hotspur managing director Fabio Paratici has continued to assist the club behind the scenes thanks to Daniel Levy, who has been clever in utilising the Italian director’s services despite his ban.

Paratici’s association with Spurs began in 2021 when he joined as the managing director of football. However, his tenure was cut short when he resigned in April last year due to allegations of financial misconduct during his time at Juventus.

Subsequently, he was handed a 30-month ban by the Italian Football Federation, later extended globally by FIFA.

But Levy has been able to find a way around to continue with the Italain’s services. The ban doesn’t prohibit consultancy duties, which Tottenham have capitalised on, effectively employing the former footballer off the record.

Since stepping down, Paratici has been spotted attending Spurs’ matches, often in a corporate box within the stadium. This shows his ongoing involvement with the club, albeit in a less formal capacity.

Former Spurs goalkeeper and Sky Sports pundit Paul Robinson, in an interview with Tottenham News, has praised Daniel Levy for effectively managing the situation and continuing to avail Paratici’s expertise behind the scenes.

Robinson said:

“I think his ban is in certain areas. If you read the fine print it’s to stop him doing certain things within the game. It’s not a complete football ban I don’t think.

“There’s nothing to stop Daniel Levy from having friends and taking advice from friends, so in that way, he’s been very, very clever if indeed that is the case, which we’re led to believe.

“Listen, Paratici’s been excellent for Tottenham. You look at the recruitment this season alone, at Vicario, at Ven de Ven, they’ve been two absolutely brilliant signings who, let’s be honest, not many of us knew too much about before they came into the Premier League.

“Last season, Bentancur and Kulusevksy, incredible finds at Juventus not playing week in and week out.

“His recruitment and the way that the squad’s been moulded with Ange this season as the new manager it’s only sensible that Daniel Levy should use him, or lend an ear if you like.”

Despite not holding an official position, Paratici’s influence remains significant in driving Tottenham’s transfer activities. This underscores Levy’s strategic approach in maximizing the contributions of key personnel, even amid challenging circumstances.

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