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It’s a crying shame that Sherwood was binned so soon by Aston Villa.

It would have been far more just for an Adebayor-less Spurs – to inflict the fatal wound.

Once you get past all the ‘knows the game inside out’ Bow Locks, you’re left with a diluted version of the bereft estate that is the Redschnapps dynasty.

The cold truth with these creatures never makes it onto radio or TV.

What’s the difference between a cockney football manager and a mosquito?

Eventually, the mosquito stops sucking.

I digress.

Villa indoors and under the lights.

Just anticipate the magic of that moment.

Liverpool whacked a vulnerable rather Chelsea today, and Spurs need to be just as ruthless, come Monday night.

Despite a significant Spurs walking wounded list – this is a game that Spurs have to win.

You simply cannot drop points against teams you want to finish above, come judgement day.





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