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Should Spurs’ Sell Dele Alli? c.800 Fans Have Their Say: I’ve watched him 137 times & still don’t know…

By Joe Fish -

48.8% of Tottenham fans are fools, quite frankly.

Why would we even consider selling one of our best players?

Even if Dele has dropped off from the exceptionally high standards that he set in his early Tottenham seasons – he is still one of our best players.

After Kane and Son as the undisputed one and two, any order in which you rank our next most important players would have Dele somewhere between three and six. Giovani Lo Celso, Moussa Sissoko and Toby Alderweireld, whose recent omission to allow Jose Mourinho to experiment with a new defensive partnership shouldn’t detract from the fact that he is still our best centre-half, would make up that group. I cannot see how even Dele’s biggest detractors could argue his importance is any lower than that.

If we are looking to generate funds to reinvest in the squad; how about the right-back who can’t go three games without making a mistake? Or the winger who can’t go three games without getting injured? Or the central midfielder who I still can’t figure out after watching him 137 times?

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2 years ago

I personally think dele is overrated. I would not be sad to see him go. See ya.

ministers cat
ministers cat
2 years ago

48.8% are fools
bit strong that Joe it is all about opinions
IF we were to get in a replacement I would be happy to join the ship of fools. Unlike Eriksen (personal choice) I have always liked Alli but he appears to have gone stale maybe he would thrive somewhere else.
Anyway just a imho thing

2 years ago

This is a tough one. I can imagine Dele wants to win a trophy or two, so does he to want to stay? Poch did indeed move him deeper, but only because Levy wouldn’t buy anyone. Under Mourinho Dele started well, in his ‘best’ position too, but yet he has had the shepherd’s hook on a fair few occasions and shown his theatrical displeasure by throwing his boot or thumping the dugout. Most recently subbed v West Spam who were awful, yet Dele did not play well, (it was his first game back though). Dele does have an eye for a goal, that is unquestionable, but if he is not performing to a high level and he keeps getting subbed, this might force his hand. What I don’t want is a repeat of Eriksen. No Spurs fan would have wanted to sell a fully functioning Eriksen, but it got to the stage where we all wanted to see the back of him, and we got peanuts for him! Has Dele done enough to earn an improved contract? I do not think so. Next season will be a defining season for Dele. Younger lads in other teams are overshadowing him, he therefore has to step up. He definitely has the talent to do it.

2 years ago

Absolutely not…!! quite right even if he’s dropped off a bit in the last season or so, his stats are still impressive for a midfielder. One of the problems for Deli came when Poch got him holding back a bit to do more defensively. Deli at the time politely words to the effect said that “he was adding a bit more to his game”. I think he’s dropped off due to management, system, injuries etc. Just let him get back to what he was asked to do a few seasons ago, move around and get in the box..!

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