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Sessegnon To Spurs Deal Close
By Harry Hotspur -

Kouassi Ryan Sessegnon is a player going backwards with Spurs having watched in slow motion for at least two or three seasons.

This season ‘Sess’ has played over 2000 fewer minutes and failed to make the starting line up 22 fewer times than he did last season for Fulham.

It would an ambitious move to write off an 18 year old, however it’s not unfair to suggest at least, that Ryan became fed up playing for Fulham, a side that were only just pipped in the awfulness stakes by Huddersfield Town.

The hackneyed line about ‘Pochetino is great with youth players’ is being wheeled out endlessly, yet the evidence for this is limited.

Poch is a fully paid up member of the Magic Circle, that’s not in doubt. Sure, Rose and Walker improved, but just how imbecilic their play was when the arrived provides sobering context. Bonzo has arguably improved more under Pep who keeps him disciplined. Rose still too often degenerates into s loose flywheel.

Is young Ryan a good punt? At £40million, he’d certainly be an expensive one.

I’m not fan of rooting through the detritus of other people’s plane-crashes. The twisted fuselage and mangled bodies usually tell their own tale.

At 18 there is hope at least, but not much else. I’m more interested to understand if this is a ‘Poch Pick’ and if so, why wasn’t it done sooner.

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5 responses to “Sessegnon To Spurs Deal Close”

  1. mikey hughes says:

    Levy should move heaven and earth to bring in Bale on a seasons loan for £10m. With him we wouldn’t need any further attacking signings for next season. As for Sess at £30m I’d say yes, but no more, based on his PL form this season not worth more except in potential. Might as well go for Grealish.

  2. Tappaspur says:

    Levy do your ting. Sessy and zaha for £90mil. Plus a right back creative midfielder and a striker please.

  3. Knightwriter says:

    Didn’t happen sooner because Fulham got promoted, wanted another year and persuaded him it’d be better for him to move next season. He’s a very talented boy, I’m sure he’ll be a very fine player. What position is the main question in my view?

  4. MrChickenHead says:

    I thought the price was as low as £25m now, £40m no way.