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Rudiger Made Identical Allegations In Italy Charges Were Dropped Due To Lack Of Evidence
By Harry Hotspur -

Antonio Rudiger is no stranger to believing he was racially abused by opposition football fans. In areport from BBC dated November 18th 2017, Antonio made identical allegations of offensive monkey chants being aimed at him in a Champions League game versus Roma.

The London side have a solid track record in the Champions League, and when you sign up with Ladbrokes you’ll see the value to be had in this season’s last 16, which includes the 2012 winners, Chelsea.

UEFA went to initially charge the Italians, but the BBC confirmed that the charge was later dropped to lack of evidence.

One can draw no hard and fast conclusions from this report; it remains the case that in very noisy and packed stadiums, trying to pinpoint offensive individuals can prove incredibly difficult.

Any allegations of racism must be investigated fully by all the relevant authorities to the fullest extent, irrespective of the volume of evidence to hand.

At this stage, any mobile phone video footage from fans at the Spurs versus Chelsea game has yet to emerge online, however this could merely indicate that it has been passed directly to the police, who are of course investigating the allegation.

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7 responses to “Rudiger Made Identical Allegations In Italy Charges Were Dropped Due To Lack Of Evidence”

  1. Ryan Campbell says:

    The most frustrating part of this is how the media reports it all as FACT. Rudiger did the same exact thing against Roma and as in this case there was NO evidence that it happened. Watch the game again and look at how Rudiger reacts. He honestly wanted them to stop the game over a noise he heard. The guy is crazy. He’s simply hearing things that aren’t happening.

  2. coys1882 says:

    Despite a predictable orgy of self-righteous, virtue signalling, indignation, from the media and the PFA, there is not one shred of evidence that a Spurs supporter made ‘monkey noises’ at Rudiger, as alleged by him.

    Yes, the play acting t*sser was relentlessly booed, for his part in getting Son sent off and the sound of booing is manifestly not dissimilar to the simulation of a ‘monkey noise’. However, as yet, there is no verifiable evidence of the offence and his allegation wasn’t corroborated by any other player, even among his own team mates.

    Let us hope that once Spurs fans are exonerated from such a despicable allegation,
    which I believe we will be, this ham actor, apology for a professional footballer, will offer a profound grovelling apology to the fans he has so gratuitously slandered.

  3. inspuration says:

    I was sitting on the shelf right above where this tool and his play acting got Sonny sent off. I was sitting next to an afro carribean guy and whilst we heard lots and lots of booing and abuse ( thoroughly deserved imo) and some half-wits throwing stuff on the pitch, we heard no monkey chanting. We thought that the reason the ref held the game up was for the things thrown on the pitch.

  4. EssexSpur says:

    I am sure people were making ‘booing’ noises for his outrageous play acting, maybe he mistook that for monkey noises?