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Rival player says Tottenham star ‘got to be able to take it’ if he wants to wind up others

By Saikat -

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder James Maddison and Brentford striker Neal Maupay were recently involved in an altercation on social media.

Maupay replicated Maddison’s celebration after scoring a goal against Tottenham in an attempt to poke fun at the Spurs star and the rival fans. This prompted Maddison to share a social media post after the game, where he posted an image of Maupay celebrating and then the image of the final score.

The Brentford striker has now revealed that Maddison took his actions quite personally, and he should be more sporting in these situations. Maddison has been winding up opposition players and fans in the past and Maupay feels that he should be able to take it if he wants to poke fun at others.

Maupay said in an interview with The Times: “He took it really personally, it’s funny,” he said. “I threw a dart and he got so offended he posted my picture on his Instagram. But if I give a little something, I have got to be able to take it as well.”

Winding up rival players and fans is a part and parcel of the game and neither set of fans will be too bothered about the war of words going on between the two players.

Both players have been quite impressive for their respective teams and the fans will hope that the lights of Maddison and Maupay can continue to impress in the coming months.

Tottenham are currently chasing a Champions League spot and Maddison has been outstanding for them. It remains to be seen whether the 26-year-old can guide them into the top four.

It remains to be seen whether Maddison decides to respond to the latest comments from Maupay.

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